This is a must-watch!!! I tell you!! These boy’s just doesn’t know how to behave and are like kids who doesn’t know how to stay put!!! hahahah~! you will be laughing out loud watching this clip! As usual JungMin is hilarious and double HJ are just adorable!! 😀

Click on CC for the subs to come out.. 🙂


NG clip inside.. 😉


YeY!!! Finally an English Subbed video of Moohan Girls with 2PM!!! *rolling on the floor* I’m super happy!!! thanks to the 2PM subbers.. I can finally watch this episode!! I really really really waited for this.. coz I know someone would sub this for sure!!! (have faith w/ 2pm subbers.. hehehe~!)

😦 not sure though w/ the boris episode.. 😦 wanna watch it too.. but i don’t know if there’s some good soul who’ll sub it.. 😦

Is it just me?? It seems that HwangBo’s the only one who’s not excited with 2PM coming over to IG.. LoL~!


JaeBum’s ideal woman is soo obvious!!! Frank and real.. natural beauty.. pretty w/o make-up.. I think JaeBum was sad that HB didn’t step-in in the couple selection.. LoL~~!



part 3 of 3 inside.. 🙂

I was attacked by my JoongBo sickness again.. and was really missing JoongBo seeing in one screen.. 😦

I have finished all their WGM episodes.. but it’s still not enough.. so to remedy my melancholy and joongbo deprived heart, i compiled their first x-man episode.. even though the clips are quite old, i still find them funny..

Here’s a cut of their famous ‘dangyunhaji’ encounter (not part of their first episode though).. 😀

I’m sure all loyal die hard JoongBoers have seen this already.. But i still enjoy watching it over and over again.. especially those stealing glances that HyunJoong is making on HwangBo..


X-man 42, Episode 94

the rest are inside.. 😉

I know this is not HwangBo nor HyunJoong post related.. Pardon me just this once.. 😀

I just really like JungMin’s ‘If You Cannot’ song.. hehehe.~! He did pretty well for a live performance..

Wish to see HyunJoong’s ‘Please Be Nice To Me’ performance.. 😉

credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 of yt

Translations of their interviews from their successful Taiwan visit are just pouring in.. thanks everyone at Quainte! 🙂

Not just pretty boys – SS501, exclusive interivew

Its been really tiring on fans for SS501’s visit to Taiwan! From buying tickets to the fan meeting to queuing overnight for the charity photo-taking, it has attracted the attention of many media. But there were 5 lucky fans who, within 5 hours of SS501 stepping off the plane, got to take photos alone with the artistes first, and also the chance to give them a present (seems as if someone managed to shake their hands as well!) Here, we must specially thank the record company for their support, letting KKBOX members to enjoy this rare and exclusive present. Holding on to the conscience of a music platform (?), even though we were faced with an idol group, 99% of the questions in the interview were serious (solemn?), but luckily SS501 is indeed the strongest variety-program characters (note: it means something along the line of them being very funny, sorry for the failed translation XD), many interesting footage remain, here we also thank them for giving us such wonderful interview content.

Having debut 4 years ago, already a top boys group in Korea, originally having a group of dedicated fans in Taiwan, due to Korea’s version of “Boys over Flower” airing in Taiwan, leader Kim Hyun Joong who acted as the role of Yoon Ji Hoo (Hanazawa Rui), brought them fame overseas, finally letting SS501’s works to be sold in Taiwan. Along with this wave of SS501’s strong attack on Taiwan, KKBOX snatched a rare chance to interview them, understanding the success stories of the 5 boys.


Another Name is added to HwangBo’s long list of admirers..

This is Boris.. ^^ Hwah~! He’s one good looking fella!!! As i can remember, I think he’s German?? correct me if I’m wrong.. and I saw him once in KBS’s Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies..

He will be appearing on Infinity Girl’s up coming episode.. Where they will be trained i guess as tourist guides?? and learning english is just one part of the training..

During the said episode.. it seems that Boris has a crush on HwangBo because he was praising her all the time (well.. HwangBo’s not actually bad if you have heard her english.. ^^) and when asked “Who do you want to sit next to you?” he answered HwangBo without hesitation… 😀

Oh well.. What can say.. HwangBo’s beauty is international.. and surpass bounderies!! LoL~!

preview inside.. 😉