October 2008

HwangBo took part on the 2008 Style Icon Awards yesterday, October 3o, held at Club Answer in Seoul.



After AnBi, It is now AlShin who has decided to go.. But this time it is for Good!

Hate to see them Go!


The two youngest brother-in-laws came at dinner, and began high five-ing with Buin!!! Hilarious!!


This week’s episode was just soooo sweet for our favorite couple but also too short for us Joongboers.. It was sooo short that you would like to ask for more!!! PDs! WHY?? WHY?? WHY is it too short??

There were alot of deleted scenes.. Based on the preview of the fans who witnessed the filming.. I am still hoping that it would be shown next week with a much longer airing time.. I think the PDs knew that the fans were anticipating this everland episode.. and maybe just gave us a mince of what is to come next week..

But still! I don’t understand why the JoongBo segment was short..

This episode was filled with games, bets and laughter! The Lettuce Couple is just tooo cute for us to handle.. You can see that they really had fun filming this episode.. A lot of skinship too!! They are now really comfortable with each other.. Especially HyunJoong!! He was particularly talkative in this episode! I think this shows that they have already bonded and are not really awkward with each other.. 

I love everything about the JoongBo cut.. Every scene was heaven for all JoongBoers!


HwangBuin, on her recent Infinity Girls episode, was paired up with Im Seulong of 2AM an idol group boyband..


Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong,not as a couple though, were seen in two separate events..


I posted this news in here because i was thrilled he finally leaves WGM.. And relieved that he’s out of our JoongBo’s way..

Lee Hwi Jae will be out of We Got Married and has filmed his final episodes last tuesday, October 21, as announced by the PD of MBC Sunday Sunday Night Program. This is due to conflict of schedules as LHJ is hosting another program of Sunday Sunday Night.

It has been said that Lee Hwi Jae has been joggling his schedule, rushing to film the other program immediately after filming WGM. And with this, he can now just focus on hosting one program with Kim Gura and Park Myung Soo.


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