Monday, October 06, 2008
Andy, Solbi end ‘marriage’ on We Got Married 

A chapter has come to a beautiful close on We Got Married with the departure of the An-Sol couple.

On the Oct 5th episode of We Got Married, Andy and Solbi ended their 7-month ‘marriage’ with a farewell trip. Sharing a final kiss at the pool hall where they shared their first kiss, the couple relayed their last messages to each other during a walk in the park.

pictures credit to: CrazyYochy and strawberry78 of soompi

When Andy said, “Even without oppa, you still have to eat well and take care of your health, and live well”, Solbi uncontrollably broke into tears. Andy himself teared up as he continued, “There was sadness, happiness and bliss during this whole time, and I did things that I’ve never tried before. The best thing was being able to meet Solbi’s parents.”

The couple expressed sadly, “No matter where we meet each other in future, we won’t forget that we were once married. We didn’t expect that the end would be so sad for us.”

After leaving the show, Andy and Solbi will be meeting their fans through their respective solo activities – Andy with his new musical and Solbi with the promotional activities of her new album.

The couple will be replaced by Hwan Hee-Hwayobi and Son Dambi-Marcos.

Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

credit to: elainecruz63 of soompi


It really really breaks my heart… 😥

It hurts!

Though they are not my favorite couple, they are part of my favorite show!

I will miss Solbi more than Andy..

I like Solbi’s bubbly attitude and her random comments that adds to the craziness of the show.

Oh she really cracks me up!

I like her honesty.. of being true to herself.. of what she thinks..  and what she feels..

Of how supportive she is to the other couples..

the nice comments..

the laughs..

the cries..

She’s a true person!

She showed it all in this show..

I will surely miss her..

She’s one great lady.. and Andy should realize this!

This is my own and only way of thanking the couple of the seven wonderful months they have shared with us..

Ahnyoung! 😦