Tuesday, October 07, 2008
The Lettuce Couple were spotted today at the Everland Theme Park filming We Got Married..


I just don’t know if todays filming is included in next week’s episode.. from what i read, joongbo are currently trying to film many episodes as possible in preparation to HyunJoong’s coming hectic schedule.. especially when HYD’s filming will start this october..

Can’t wait to see this episode knowing that Sshillang  gave a piggyback ride again to buin.. 😉 It just proves that our couple is not awkward with each other after last week’s episode lover’s spat.. They were seen taking pictures together, played their favorite game ‘paper scissor and stone’ and ride the roller coaster.

On last week’s episode, there were deleted scenes after the phone call incident that the Kang Kong PD has edited again without thinking!! GRRRR! HJ was taken aback that HB was pissed that he kept eyeing her carefully and trying to do everything she was doing. When HB was drinking water, HJ said ‘Buin, I want water too’ and when HB was eating a banana, HJ said ‘if your going to eat banana, peel one for me too!’

He’s just so cute!! 😛

HJ then said that he’s the one who pays the rent and then HB replied that the house was rented under her name so HJ responded ‘then I guess all i have to do is leave’ and jokingly pretended to be angry and left the house.

HB was shocked and asked ‘did he really leave?’.

JoongBo couple are just endearing!!! Can’t help but to love them!

Apparently, the atmosphere in the studio was not that great with AnBi’s departure (and some of the couples were not that happy or agreeable with the ‘Farewell Vacation’ mission) and the PD’s told the couples not to talk to each other so that they wouldn’t know how each other had voted.

If you have watched last week’s episode, you can see that all couples are not comfortable at the studio.. they were all nervous on how their partners had voted.. it was so mean for the PD’s to let each couples go through that ordeal knowing how hurtful it would feel if your partner would vote ‘I’m sorry’ and not continue with the show rather than ‘Saranghae’!