As revealed again by Betiz on her homepage, Han Go Eun is casted in Korea’s version of Hana Yori Dango as Lee Min Ho’s sister, tsubaki.

On the other hand, tsukushi or Goo Hye Sun’s father shall be played by Kang Nam Il who also played the comical father of Yoon Eun Hye in Goong..

This has not been official yet. But it has been talked about in dcinsidegallery, a korean website known for all the gossip rumors of korean entertainment and are somehow quite credible.

In my opinion, i think both fit the roles.. Han Go Eun has this toughness yet girly feel, that is evident in the actresses who played tsubaki in the other versions. While, Kang Nam Il has already shown he can play a comical and annoying father well.

I’m really anticipating how this series will turn out.. with all the big stars rumored to be casted, Group 8 is really taking their cating assignments seriously. and they are doing a pretty good job.. but there are still minor important roles that is critical.. At this rate, I just hope they continue to cast actors that really fit the role.