The lettuce couple is spotted yesterday at one of the beaches in Busan for another filming of We Got Married

The couple was accompanied by HwangBo’s dog which was being carried by HyunJoong in his arms and HwangBo at his side while walking on the beach late last night..

HyunJoong put down the dog and all three walked together when one major accident happened when the dog pooped.. lol.. 😀

One of them was overheard saying ‘let’s come back here again next time’ 

A fan was able to capture the said filming as shown below.. 



It is still not clear if this is part or continuation of the everland episode as some fans are saying that HyunJoong is expected to film 3 episodes before leaving next week for the fitting and photoshoot for his new drama.

sob.. sob.. 😦


It was heard that schedule of joongbo episodes will be as follow:

10/12 – 10/19 with other three couples [ CJ-SIY, HH-HY, and Marco-SDB ]
10/26 – 11/2 is the Everland episode
and 11/9 – 11/16 is the Busan episode

If this is how it goes, HyunJoong and HwangBo will not be meeting for almost 6 weeks! I just hope that Sshillang will always be present in filming the studio segments as he promised buin that he’ll never be absent again during studio filmings.. 😦


Thank you stargirl777 of soompi for always always updating us with JoongBo news..