Would there be another kiss happening at Everland??? Hmmm.. that is the question.. I’ve read that we should expect another kiss from the couple.. IF, a big capital I and F, only IF it is not edited by the PD..

Shillang was also seen feeding buin with Dip n’ Dots Ice cream and in one of the rides, they played and tested each other with the multiplication table wherein HyunJoong lost and has to do a wave using his body.

HwangBo apparently fell and that is why HyunJoong is carrying her on his back for almost about 10 minutes or so.. It was also said that HyunJoong became frustrated that there were a lot of people around following them so he ran with buin at his back.. 😀

The lettuce couple also did some shooting at a fun stall and HwangBo was incredibly happy when she won. The two also seem to have played basketball at the park where HwangBo would make the shots and HyunJoong would go to pick the ball..

From what people have observed, HyunJoong and HwangBo didn’t look awkward and looked really good with each other. HyunJoong also joked around a lot with HB; e.g. pretended to shoot her.  Everyone who has seen them has posted in their accounts that HB is really pretty and doesn’t look old, and how HJ is incredibly handsome and tall and how both of them look really good together.