For this week’s episode mission, the Ant couple together with the Lettuce couple were tasked to throw somewhat like a “welcoming party” for the new couple.. but its a different welcoming party, as the old couple has to compete with the new couple??? i’m not sure with this, did Crown J planned it to be like this or is it the PD who conned this??? but does the PD really have to do this?? what the heck is he thinking?? 

Rather than being grouchy and whine on how bland this episode is compared to the previous or all WGM episodes.. [Can’t help but to say this! I MISS AnBi!! 😦 ] I’ll just focus on what i enjoyed and liked in this episode.. 

JoongBo couple is just L.O.V.E!! 😛 Buin is so pretty as well as Sshillang.. is pretty too?? Oh well, pretty or handsome just fits him well!! they are just becoming more and more alike as they progress..


The best and favorite JoongBo moments..

1. How our lettuce couple are becoming alike and how comfortable they are with each other..

  • same hairstyle and expression

  • same sleeping position

  • Skinship! Skinship! the couple is getting more and more comfortable with each other! so much skinship in this episode.. they are becoming more natural in doing these things..   

  • HyunJoong suggested “the loser has to kiss the winner” again.. it has become his favorite prize nowadays! they had a little hug when Sshillang won the wrestling match against Marco.. Buin was so ecstatic and hugged Sshillang! though Sshillang must be a little shy publicly displaying their affection around everyone else and didn’t reciprocate the hug..

2. The Bedroom Scenes. HyunJoong is soo cute when he was calling “Buin! Buin!” to come to the bedroom fast as he found the nice bedroom first! Sooo cute when he told the Ant couple he found it first.. and of course, how close they are lying down at the same bed..

3. Alone together by the Beach.. where they were talking and wrote something for each other.. Buin wrote a poem for Sshillang..

The first time you came to the ocean, it was with me..
The second time you came to the ocean, It was with me..
The third time you came to the ocean, it was with me..
For the fourth time, come along with me..

And then, Sshillang said that the title of the poem can be “The Ocean That I’ve Come to Once More”.. ;P Sshillang drew the ‘Taj Mahal’ in the sand.. hearing that HyunJoong is a wide reader, i’m sure he knows what does ‘Taj Mahal’ stands for and what it symbolises.. I just don’t know if he knows that Mahal = Love in tagalog.  And their little dance is soo cute too.. they were late and forgot about the assembly time because they were having soo much fun time being with each other and maybe didn’t want to be with the other couples.. lol.. 😛

4. When HwangBo told Marco off for using ‘buin’ and told him to change it immediately.. which Marco obliged.. That should put Marco in his right place!! lol! It was so funny how Marco tried being friendly with HyunJoong and began to be touchy with him!!! Seeing HyunJoong’s reaction, I literally want to roll on the floor laughing!!! then later on, he admitted to Buin that it was burdensome and didn’t like Marco always talking to him.. It was so funny how the PD showed it on the show like Marco has ‘hots’ to HyunJoong.. even adding a romantic musical background during Marco’s interview!!! hahahaha~~ 😀

Air time for the lettuce couple is just too short for the JoongBo lovers! Hate how the PD focuses more on the new couples. he doesn’t need to shove them into our face! if he only let things take its course, i’m sure we’ll get to like the new couples as well.. uhmmm.. maybe a little.. 

But come to think of it.. after watching them for their 1st regular episode, it just validated my impressions on them..

1. Hwan Hee is just mean towards his wife! i dont know if because he doesn’t like Hwayobi or disappointed with his assigned partner, but to treat her that way even if it just for fun is just way too mean for a guy!

2. Hwayobi should take care of herself! she looks old and so ahjjumah-ish! and hwan hee is too hot for her to handle! but i think she’s funny! i like her personality.. hwan hee doesn’t deserve her! she’s way too good for him!

3. Marco is just trying too hard! but i’ll give him my benefit of a doubt as he really need to try hard to fit in, knowing that he didn’t grew up in korea and have adapted a diffirent culture.. but he can really be annoying sometimes! especially, using the same endearment  “buin” for his wife which is Sshillang’s trademark!

4. On Son Dam Bi, there are a lot of negative feedbacks on her after her first episode.. the netizens didn’t like how frequent they play SDB’s song on the show, like she’s promoting it too much!  

Hope the Hwanyobi couple are not like HyunDon-Saori couple! why do i get a feeling that Hwan Hee is acting like a P*G towards his wife like HyunDon?? I hope he’ll get to like Hwayobi and see her inner beauty just like how HyunJoong realized how beautiful (inside and out) Hwang Buin is.


On the other side, on the AlShin couple, it’s also disappointing how short their air time is.. even though i enjoy having the quadruplets on the show and how cute they are.. i hope the couple wouldn’t be stuck with just taking care of the babies and the PD’s must come up with fresh ideas for the couple fast!!

This past few weeks, it seems that the PD’s are having a drought on their missions! i didn’t like the idea of farewell vacation for the couples even if it is to formally set AnBi’s departure on the show.. Now, the OLD vs NEW couple, and dragging AlShin’s parenting skills for another 2 episodes..   

I just wish that the PD’s would redeem themselves on next week’s episode.. and I hope Crown J and In Young’s fight is not that serious and is just another evil plan of the two.. Oh My!! the PD’s really need to think of how they can market this show!! they are just repeating things and ideas!!!

OMO!!! OMO!!!


photos credit to: dcinside