There’s no so much happenings with our favorite couple right now..

Except for a few accounts of some fans..

It was cited by some JoongBo fans that they saw the couple filming last week in an ice rink..

And was filming today in Jeju Island..

As their final episode..

There is no substantial proof yet..

Nothing Official..

So, as long as it is not confirmed,

I still believe that our couple wants to stay to be married..

As posted in dcinside, JoongBo filming schedules were:
10/07 @ Everland
10/09 @ Busan
10/11 @ Home
10/12 @ Ilsan Rink
10/15 @ Jeju Island

Airings are:
10/26 – 11/02 Everland
11/09 – 11/16 Busan
11/23 – 11/30 Home
12/07 – 12/14 Ilsan Rink
12/21 – 12/28 Jeju Island

Again.. Nothing is official yet!



thanks to zalyn of soompi for the schedule info