HwangBo recently had a performance where in she sang Mature and Get Hot for the Navy or bunch of soldiers.. I’m not sure.. but it’s a bunch of male audience.. lol..

What’s more funny is, you can hear all male voices chanting ‘Hwang Buin’!!! hahaha~~!

During her performance, you could see that buin is glowing, somewhat like giddy and always has that meaningful smile while singing..

She must have Sshillang in her mind.. After the farm episode, this song is no longer an ordinary song for both of them..

While singing Mature, Buin did an Aegyo (cute act)! And after her performance, HwangBo explained and says

“You guys saw me do the cute hand motion right? You will soon know why I did that, please be understanding and patient with my actions…”

HwangBo also did a cute booty shaking dance move.. It seems she has to spell a name using her behind! lol!! 😛

From some good JoongBo angels, it was brought into light that it seems Buin might have lost in a game with Sshillang and the cute act might be her punishment.. lol.. 😀

Before the Busan filming, where the Lettuce Couple was seen by the beach with buin’s dog, HwangBo has filmed this performance and it seems that HyunJoong was there off stage..

That must be the reason why she is soooo glowing and all smiles!! And in the entire performance, you would see Buin always looking at the sides..

At the stage, HwangBo was punished to write ‘Hyun Joong’ with her butt..

Before doing the said act, It seems like she wanted to laugh.. and she had that ‘This is cazy but have to do it anyway’ expression.. She started writing ‘Hyun’ but then stopped..

hahahaha~~~ 😀 😀


You can watch HwangBo’s performance and cute acts on this video..


credits to dcinside for the photos and video.. 🙂