On a combat (paint ball) battle played by all of the 4 couples, as part of the itinerary of the Ant tour’s “The Survival Game”, the joongbo couple was put to shame..

At the start of the game,  HB was shot and died in the battle.. which made Sshillang scream from her side ‘Buin! Buin! Don’t die!!’ lol..

Kid Groom prepared a special massage he learned form a friend, for buin who was tired using up all her strength playing games all day.. 😉

With regards to the recent Jeju filming of the couple, here is a photo of JoongBo climbing a mountain..


With all the rushed filmings, it really makes me anxious and nervous of what could be next with this couple..

What scares me more are the rumors that are spreading of them divorcing that until now has not yet dessipated..

I anticipate and cringed everytime there is a recent JoongBo news..

Hoping it is not a bad news..


Holding to the PD’s words that the couple’s contract with WGM is until the end of this year..

I can’t help not to worry knowing that these two individuals has a very busy schedule ahead of them..


All we can do is to wish.. hope.. and pray **with fingers crossed**!!!