I really don’t know what to say.. I was trully trully disappointed.. not with our couple though.. they are just HEAVEN!!! i was disappointed with this week’s episode in general.. It can be summarized in one word.. Boring..

The whole episode was buit on Old couple competing with the New Couple.. Hate how the PDs showcased and promoted the new couple at the expense of the Old Couple.. And I hate how the new couples always turns out to win almost all of the games!!! I know i’m biased.. but  hey i guess that’s my prerogative!

The episode opened with all the 4 couples going to their “Survival Game”. As expected and mentioned on the preview, Hwang Buin was the first one to be shot and died.. Sshillang was so adorable when he screamed ‘Buin~~~! Dont Die!’ with hands raising to his head, acting he must have learned in his HYD workshop.. After that, Sshillang must have not the will to live and play the game as he was the next one to be out.. Hwan Hee won the Survival Game..

Next game was at the pool.. I really don’t understand how the game was supposed to be played.. but its like Cops and Robbers game.. one couple has to catch the other couple and the couple that was caught will be out.. Couples must carry their partners at their back while swimming.. In this game, Marco won.. Funny how Marco swam really fast just to catch HyunJoong.. it’s like a gay running to catch his guy.. Hahahaha~~! lol! MArco was really super hyper that HyunJoong just waited for him to be caught..

 After a full day of games, the couples had their dinner outside their villa and under the black sky.. Highlights of this scene were, Sshillang feeding buin.. It was sooo cute.. and doing it in front of the other couples.. Buin was sooo shy of HyunJoong’s act but you can see that she was thrilled! InYoung and DamBi must be Jealous while watching this..

I really liked how attentive Sshillang is to buin at their dinner.. He didn’t mind the other couples and didn’t even butt-in in their conversations unless asked.. he just went on and cooked their food and peeled the prawns for buin.. a husband serving his wife.. HwangBo is just sooo lucky..

Also at dinner, HyunJoong touched HwangBo’s shoulders.. without being awkward.. just like how a husband would touch his wife’s shoulders.. their skinship has really become more natural for them..

The next part was my favorite! After dinner, each couple were given time to be with each other.. Our couple spent their time massaging each other.. HyunJoong must have learned his massage techniques only from the best!!! this part was sooo awkward.. and if hyunJoong was still awkward with HwangBo, it wouldn’t cross his mind to do this..

HyunJoong went to get a pillow and blanket and made HwangBo lie down on the floor.. Sshillang practically sat on buin’s back and started massaging her back.. ~~Getting some pervy thoughts!!! It was really crazy.. All JoongBo fans must have died after watching this.. it was so unexpected of HyunJoong..

Buin’s turn.. she did her trademark neck cracking massage.. I was laughing seeing HyunJoong’s scared face while HwangBo is doing this.. She also massaged HyunJoong’s knuckles and fingers .. How i love seeing them holding each others hand as natural as can be.. 😛

On the other hand, the new couples were boring.. WARNING! i will be very biased.. Marco and Dambi had a dance under the moonlight and Hwan Hee sang to Hwayobi.. i will be very blunt.. I didn’t like it.. it seems like it was done forcefully and were trying hard to come up with an event.. Ok! Now enough of them!

Regarding the Gaemi’s prank.. I knew it was planned.. Crown J and InYoung’s acting are commendable… they were good! Funny how the netizen didn’t react on this.. unlike the HwangBo-Shinae candid camera.. Netizens must have known it was just a prank.. But the new couples were really into it..

I love HyunJoon’s reaction upon knowing that it’s just a prank.. and i love how he stayed beside his buin all the while.. must be there to protect Buin.. just like how he was in the first prank incident..


What i’m sad about is how short Alshin’s air time is.. though it maybe short, i enjoyed their segment.. If only the PDs used their minds and cut the boring parts of the new couple and gave it to the alshin couple instead, it might have turned out to be a better episode..

I really enjoyed seeing Alex being jealous.. After learning that Son Ho Young (not really sure with the name) was Shinae’s partner, Alex together with the quadruplets went to the photoshoot.. lol! Shinae is so beautiful! this is the first that i really think she’s beautiful.. Alex must be on guard all the time! 🙂

Though our couple’s time was soooo soooo short!!! GRRR to tthe PDs!!! There is only one thing that I love, sooo much love in this episode.. It is the SKINSHIPs!!! the rest are just BLAH~~~! So much skinship were shown and aired between Hwang Buin and Sshillang.. Here are some of the accounted skinships in this episode..


Photo credit: dcinside