So much speculations and guesswork were done by the fans as to where HyunJoong is at HwangBo’s secret mission performance..

Is This Him???

This is the clearest amongst all the pictures that were posted about the man on the side of the stage.. there were fans who said that it was really HyunJoong clapping and cheering for Buin and there were some who said that it’s just the WGM cameraman..

The man on the pic is wearing a stripes top which we always see he wears on the show.. we might even think that it’s his favorite shirt right now..

And it seems that the man is also wearing a cap.. which Sshillang regularly does..

And the face has a little resemblance to HyunJoong..

I don’t know if it is just me who is seeing this..

Now, after taking the following observations into consideration..

i have also my doubts..

If this pic is real and not was just photoshoped by the fans..

I watched the video again, and i saw that the man watching on the side was really wearing a stripped shirt..

and if you would notice HwangBo’s action, she looked at the side after doing the butt dance..

What do you think guys???

I don’t know if i’m just seeing things because i want to believe it is really HyunJoong who is at the side stage.. 😛

We’ll just wait and see until the episode airs.. 😉



pictures credit to dcinside