Rumors circulating in dcinside about Kim Hyun Joong will soon drop out of We Got Married after filming the Lettuce Couple’s episode ahead of time ..

Filmings were done in advanced since Hyun Joong will be out of the country for about a month or so for the filming of his up coming drama ‘HANA YORI DANGO’..

I guess we will never see Sshillang and Buin in any studio recordings anymore.. 😦 

Sshillang is busy right now with outfit fittings and other preparations for the said drama..

Hyun Joong has been taking violin lessons as well as Golf, Tennis and Horseback Riding for the past month..

There is still no official annoucement from WGM nor from his agency..

But i guess this is bound to happend..


THanks to virvir111 of soompi for the info update..