To summarize the news that was posted at soompi forums and dcinside.. here are some of them..

  • News #1

Joongbo fans had a big event for the whole ‘we got married’ staff. On October 21st, joongbo fans from dcinside went to the MBC recording studio where they were holding the ‘we got married’ production and brought enough food to feed a 100 people. They brought burgers, coffee, and donuts to the couples as well as the production team and asked them to take good care of the joongbo couple and show them lots of love. the fans also made a separate meal for hj and hb which was apparently very well made. After they saw it the news says they couldn’t close their mouth out of thankfulness and surprise. basically it was an event by the fans to show their appreciation to the joongbo couple. it was all over dcinside yesterday between the members there.

credit: starnews
translated by: akbball125 of soompi

but it was cleared that, apparently the Lettuce couple was not at the studio filming when the said event happened.. and therefore HyunJoong and HwangBo haven’t received the gifts yet.. so the news that says that they couldn’t close their mouths out of thankfulness and surprise are just made up..

  • News #2

HyunJoong was seen roaming around Namdaemun market after the Tony Moly autograph session and the ppl in DC has been spazzing of how they are very curious of why he’s going there, like in all places to go to, why Namdaemun market? Namdaemun market is not actually a place for an idol to shop because it is the busiest market in Korea and there’s a lot of people there..

According to some fans in dcinside, on the 25th of October, HwangBo is going to throw a Halloween party in a club and admission is free to those who wears Halloween Costumes.. so they are making assumption that maybe he went there to shop for Halloween costumes and there are a lot of shops selling Halloween Costumes already.. besides, in the farewell epi, someone mentioned that HJ wrote in his list that he wanted to go to a club with HB..

So, anyone know that is HJ still in Korea until 25th of October? This is not confirmed though, just assumptions of people in DCinside gallery made..

         credits and thanks to blurryfella87 of soompi for sharing

  • News #3

As mentioned in News #1, Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo were not present again in the studio filming for episodes 31 and 32. There is no announcement yet from the PDs as to the reason of the Lettuce Couple’s absence, but it might be due to HyunJoong’s busy schedule..



It has now finally started..

I’m really saddened by the news..

I don’t know how to take this..

Are these signs of what is inevitable???

Until there’s no official announcement yet,

I’d still believe that our couple will hold on for us..

And hoping that HyunJoong and HwangBo can go clubbing together..