HwangBuin, on her recent Infinity Girls episode, was paired up with Im Seulong of 2AM an idol group boyband..

Buin has another conquest and added to her list of Dongseng admitting that HwangBo is his ideal girl.. They played several couple games and really had fun as they were winning most of the games..

While they are being paired with each other, other girls from the program would tease HwangBo and jokes “You should think about your current husband (Hyun Joong).” 

This is sooo cute.. The picture just says it all.. It shows a picture of Sshillang glaring at them..

Actually the head photo of HyunJoong was from WGM last week’s episode, when she was popping all his knuckles..

Nothing to get worried about by the JoongBo addicts.. It was purely games and nothing romantic about it..

Others (I think the Anti fans) make a big deal about it and kinda exaggerated it..

But there’s nothing like that..