I posted this news in here because i was thrilled he finally leaves WGM.. And relieved that he’s out of our JoongBo’s way..

Lee Hwi Jae will be out of We Got Married and has filmed his final episodes last tuesday, October 21, as announced by the PD of MBC Sunday Sunday Night Program. This is due to conflict of schedules as LHJ is hosting another program of Sunday Sunday Night.

It has been said that Lee Hwi Jae has been joggling his schedule, rushing to film the other program immediately after filming WGM. And with this, he can now just focus on hosting one program with Kim Gura and Park Myung Soo.


But on the recent picture taken from this sunday’s episode studio filming, Lee Hwi Jae was not to be found.. I think it took effect this week.. and his last filming was episodes 29 and 30..

Not so sure either..



Finally! I must say..

I hope this is for good!

I thought of him very highly as an MC before..

But when I heard that he has been dissing and says mean things to Hyun Joong during studio filmings,

Which is very ungentlemanly and so unprofessional of him,

Who thinks very highly of himself and such an egotistical chauvinist P*G..

I don’t think I can ever like him again.. Even if he hosts in another program..

He can never be a good MC as Mc Yoo and Kang Ho Dong..


Sorry.. I must have gone overboard..

But, why just now???

They should have ditched him a long time ago.. lol..