The two youngest brother-in-laws came at dinner, and began high five-ing with Buin!!! Hilarious!!

I don’t know why JungMin and YoungSaeng did not come.. but from what i have seen in their Japan episode, It was HyungJoon and KyuJeong that really bonded with Buin.. These two boys are really endearing.. unlike JungMin where Buin must always be in her toes.. and YoungSaeng who i think is not interested at all! lol~~!

They get along really well Huh???

HwangBuin’s trying to play as a matchmaker and tried to introduce some girls to the boys to be their potential girlfriends..

There’s been rumors that it will be YeEun and YooBin of Wonder Girls.. and based on the preview, they say that the white van in the preview is from the Wonder Girls..

May I just say..

What the heck is the PD trying to do???

I’m sure this is just another promotional bullsh*t!

The Super Juniors was not able to do it.. I don’t think the Wonder Girls will make the ratings either..

When they started they didn’t really have big big stars..

What they need is fresh and romantic ideas!!!


Just go Back to Basics!!!