This week’s episode was just soooo sweet for our favorite couple but also too short for us Joongboers.. It was sooo short that you would like to ask for more!!! PDs! WHY?? WHY?? WHY is it too short??

There were alot of deleted scenes.. Based on the preview of the fans who witnessed the filming.. I am still hoping that it would be shown next week with a much longer airing time.. I think the PDs knew that the fans were anticipating this everland episode.. and maybe just gave us a mince of what is to come next week..

But still! I don’t understand why the JoongBo segment was short..

This episode was filled with games, bets and laughter! The Lettuce Couple is just tooo cute for us to handle.. You can see that they really had fun filming this episode.. A lot of skinship too!! They are now really comfortable with each other.. Especially HyunJoong!! He was particularly talkative in this episode! I think this shows that they have already bonded and are not really awkward with each other.. 

I love everything about the JoongBo cut.. Every scene was heaven for all JoongBoers!

The episode opened as the Lettuce Couple is walking on their way to entrance of the everland theme park.. It was HyunJoong’s idea to come in disguise so that no one would recognize that it is them.. But even if they wore masks and really huge wigs, the people on the theme park, particularly the students, were already buzzing and started following the two.. I think HyunJoong mentioned this on their Japan episode that he wish to experience a date like this..

What’s more funny is, Hyun Joong even screamed ‘No I’m not Kim Hyun Joong!’ which just made the spectators shriek!! hahaha~~! Typical HyunJoong!

He pretended that no one recognized them, even pretends that he’s crown J and went yelling to the people A!!! and uttered random english ‘What?? How many people..’. Then Buin started mimicking Seo In Young! It’s nice to see that the Ant Couple bought the joke and thought it was funny..

They decided to ride the roller coaster first, and had a bet of who would be able to keep a straight face while riding the roller coaster.. the one who has a less straight face from the other has to do an embarassing cute act in front of a lot of people.. 

On their way to the roller coaster, they passed by first the safari and took some pictures.. HyunJoong started to imitate and doing some monkey moves which are so funny! HyunJoong is totally in his element! hahaha~


On the roller coaster, they acted as if they were nervous, joked around and started to make faces.. trying to calm each other..

As the ride starts to move, they began to get into the game and really tried not to scream.. HyunJoong’s face and expressions are sooo funny as he try to maintain his face straight as much as he could.. And in the whole ride, he had his arm  at buin’s back..


HyunJoong has managed to maintain a straight face but was not able to keep a brave front as he encountered a dragonfly!! ~~lol!!

As they returned to the front desk, HwangBo started jumping as HyunJoong was not able to keep his face straight on the picture.. HyunJoong lost the game!!! He tried to handle the situation by saying that that’s his regular expression, but they asked the employee on the front desk and she agreed that HyunJoong lost!

And as agreed, he has to perform a special act in front of everyone! HwangBo was ecstatic and even thought to collect money for his performance as it is not everyday that they would see Sshillang do this! He did a wave with his body under a tree then scrammed away and went to hide.. WoW! Sshillang really has a soft body..

Another funny scene on this episode was when HwangBo piggyBacked HyunJoong.. HwangBo offered to carry him and then Sshillang started to act like he has a pained leg or he is tired.. Oh! so much skinship!!! I don’t think they notice thay they are doing so much skinship.. they are doing it impulsively.. at all times..

And then HyunJoong would tease HwangBo that it feels like riding a horse!! I was surprised of HwangBo’s strength!! she literally carried HyunJoong for a distance.. When it was his turn to piggyback Buin, HyunJoong was soo funny when he was teasing Buin that she’s too heavy too be carried and he always fall on his knees whenever he carries her..!

Another funnny scene with these two crazy people, they played another game and had another bet of who can get to touch the water from the fountain.. The loser will buy lunch! HwangBo was so funny when she tried drinking the water, getting all wet and spitting the water to HyunJoong ! They are really doing crazy and spontaneous things!! They’re like kids that get to play in a large playground and are being playful to each other!

Next scene, they were riding a turning tea cup and taking pictures together and of each other.. HyunJoong took a beautiful picture of Buin.. She’s really pretty!! While Buin got HyunJoong’s chest! hahaha~~! I think HyunJoong is teasing her why is she taking his chest..

While they were having their lunch, they talked about inviting her brother-in-laws (ss501) for dinner and cook for them as she have promised when they were in Japan.. At first, HyunJoong was not into the idea, saying that she would only be tired from cooking.. Buin was so touched that she feels like crying

Buin was sooo concerned with Sshillang as HjunJoong was eating a very very spicy noodles.. Buin was nagging Sshillang of the way he was eating.. I didn’t know that Sshillang likes to eat too hot, too sweet, too salty foods! That was sooo nice of Buin!!! She really is pretty inside and out!!

The next scene was my favorite!! HwangBo asked HyunJoong what type of girls does kyuJeong and HyungJoon likes.. then he answers HyungJoon likes pretty girls and KyuJeong likes kind girls.. HwangBo wonders ‘Is there such girls??’

OOOh!!! I love HyunJoong’s answer: There is! Buin is! You are like that!

Whaah!!! Faints!!! BLAG!

That was really sweet.. It’s like telling and admitting that HwangBo is pretty! Remember their first fight when HyunJoong doesn’t want to lie saying that Hwang Buin is pretty???

HyunJoong really has ‘The Moves’!!!

Well, I am feeling unsatiable.. Wanting for more!! Our Couple only had a mince of 18 minutes air time! GRRR! Hope there would be more everland scenes next episode.. I’m Still waiting for the BoBo (kiss) scenes!

HwangBo was sooo pretty in her black room interview.. But HyunJoong was ehH??? I think he came from his converse photoshoot that’s why he looks weird..

As expected, Lettuce couple was absent on the studio.. The ambiance on the studio is not that engaging as  the previous episodes.. Was it because of the new seating arrangement??? or because It is the first time that Old and New couple had their first studio filming together???

I don’t think I like the new PD and the changes she was making!!!

Alshin Couple again had a very short airing time.. Again, many deleted scenes from Shinae’s autograph session.. tsk! tsk! But it was good to see Shinae smiling and Alex was so handsome in this episode.. It was noticeable that Shinae was not also present on the studio filming.. Alex feels so sad and alone in the studio.. I think he doesn’t laugh that much and doesn’t comment frequently unlike in the previous episodes..

Good for the Gaemi (Ant) Couple, I think they had a longer air time among the old couples.. Finally, Seo InYoung has her dream house!!! Their house was really pretty and looks like an american house.. I was thinking that kind of house must be far from seoul.. The part where HyunDon visited the house uninvited was hilarious!!! In Young was adamant not to let HyunDon enter the house.. I don’t know hoe HyunDon can take that kind of treatment..

InYoung admitted that at first she was not open with new couples coming as she treated the WGM cast as her friends and family.. and it means that no one could replace and just barge in in their family.. I was touched and liked it when InYoung said that.. The new couples must have felt that too from the old couples..

I still can’t seem to like the new couples.. I think it would take me for a while for them to get my attention.. I don’t know why do i get a feeling that their romantic scenes are always forced and is trying to level it up with the old couples..

Their segments are pretty lengthy too! I don’t get it why the bookstore scene has to be long!!!

And the Gymnastic scene??? I didn’t like it!!! Pretty boring to me!!!

Well.. that’s what i think.. It’s just me..