After AnBi, It is now AlShin who has decided to go.. But this time it is for Good!

Hate to see them Go!

It is said that the reason for the couple’s departure was Alex’s up coming album launch with Clazziquai and Shinae’s new drama, Empress Chun Chu which is scheduled to be shown in KBS2 this December..

Filming of Shinae’s saeguk drama is located outside of seoul and may take a while before they can go back to seoul and therefore, it may be hard for her to go back and forth just to shoot WGM..

Alex and Shinae has filmed last October 29 their last episode for WGM.. and it seems that we only have three remaining weeks to see them on the program. The couple shall leave this coming month of November.

According to the new PD, there will be no other couple/s to leave nor to be added on the program after the AlShin couple leaves.



I was so sad to hear this news..

I was beginning to like them..

I just noticed that they are all leaving WGM!

First, it was Anbi, then the old PD, next was Lee Hwi Jae, and now it is AlShin..

I hope it stops with AlShin..

I am seeing this as another reason why WGM is beginning to bore me..