November 2008

Sad that there hasn’t been a word from our favorite Lettuce Couple lately..

Though there hasn’t been news on JoongBo, it is our counterpart Ssangchu Fans in Korea that are making headlines around the world!!

Last November 26, Our fellow Joongboers in Korea has started a fund raising event using the tag line, SsangChu fan, because of you It is a happy day too..

At present, November 28 – 530pm, Nearly 620 people has participated and about 10,000,000 won has been raised and accumulated that was donated to the Unicef under the name of ‘WGM’s Lettuce Couple’..

DC Inside WGM gallery and WGM bulletin Board encourages everyone to help and participate by donating to UNICEF.. Your precious funds will be able to help starving children with warm nourishing meal, provide medicines for sick children and books for children who do not go to school shall also be given..

Everyone can particpate.. Let us all join our fellow JoongBoers in Korea by making individual donations under Lettuce Couple.. It doesn’t have to be big.. but it can help many children in big ways..

One small step is a giant leap for mankind – JFK


Watching today’s episode is LOVE but at the same time it saddens me.. is it possible to feel this both at one time?? I don’tknow why but It feels like i am having the same feelings when i was watching ‘I’m sorry, I love you’..  A bittersweet one!!! I L.O.V.E this episode!!! more than the others!!! For me, it beats the other previous episodes!! Our couple just keeps getting better and better.. BUT.. watching this episode made me realize that the end for our couple is coming near.. after busan, jeju seems so near now.. ooooh i wanna cry..

Through this episode, I got to see our favorite couple how to become a real couple that treats each other like husband and wife as real as it can be.. Also how they become a family with the addition of jins as their baby.. I have also witnessed HyunJoong how to be a dad!!! and i think he’ll be a great dad in the future..

This episode also showed us their true feelings for each other.. oh well, i think it’s more visible on hyunjoong’s end.. I think he might be falling for her now or at least might have a big crush on her!!!

Sshillang has really come out of his shell!!! It’s really nice to see skinships overflowing as they are really comfortable now and they don’t even notice that they are having skinships now and then..

I have been anticipating this episode for weeks now.. since i saw Buin’s secret mission.. the mystery of this mission really got me weeks after weeks!!! we get to think if it is really HyunJoong at the side of the stage.. and fans really talked about this secret mission.. now we know the answers to all our questions!!























I usually dont monitor myself,, but for <BOYS OVER FLOWER> I definitely will. The first manhwa i ever read was <BOYS OVER FLOWERS>. When i was asked audition by GROUP8 i wanted to go to the Manhwa borrowing place to read over the manga, but i was so embarrased. I was too embarrased to go to the TrendFantasy manhwa section, so i told the manager to just go to ChunGaeChun ManHwa store and buy the entire series and i’m reading it at home. All the series are scattered all over my house right now because i’m reading them again for the role.


Kid Groom Kim HyunJoong’s one day manager experience!

HyunJoong acting as a hands-on manager to HwangBuin, directly giving orders, and thoroughly checking the situation and status of his wife.


There hasn’t been much JoongBo news since the confimation of their divorce in WGM.. sigh.. 😦

And I think this would take a while since HyunJoong is very busy right now with his first acting endeavor and in the 1st Quarter of 2009, he’ll then be busy with ss501’s new album..

It’s sad to think that we can only see them together on pre-filmed episodes of WGM..

I guess we’ll just have to be contented on what they can offer us for now..


I think somebody’s gonna be furious upon seeing these pix!!!

Buin is sizzling HoT HoT HoT!!!


It has now been confirmed that their Jeju trip is their final and farewell trip..

Lettuce Couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo’s farewell trip to Halla San: The outcome of their confirmation of love?

According to the media, Lettuce Couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo had their last outdoor filming for WGM in October.

The both of them climbed Mount Halla (Halla San) and had a confirmation of their love. Although they cannot reveal what the exact outcome is, officials from WGM have said that it is a happy ending for the both of them.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo will still be appearing in WGM till December, as they had pre-filmed enough episodes to be broadcast for the next 3 to 4 weeks. The reason for the pre-filming is due to Hyun Joong’s schedule as he was to participate in the drama ‘Hana Yori Dango’. This is similar to Shin Ae’s situation, where she too is to take on a drama.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo who have been appearing in WGM as the Lettuce Couple since May have received a lot of love from the audience.

*Credits: Empas, Hankooki News, DC Gallery*
  via Chonsa of Allseoul’dout


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