HwangBo appeared in MBC’s Every1 Idol Show with Idol groups 2PM and FT Island..

In this show, we can say that Hwang Bo is in her territory! lol.. Being surrounded by young idol bloods..

It seems that HwangBo has been the apple of the eye of most boybanders nowadays.. They are all smitten by HwangBo’s charms.. If I can remember, YunHo and Mickey of DBSK were amongst them..

And recently, in the Every1 Idol Show hosted by the Idol group FT Islands, another boybander has been added to the list..

NickHun of 2PM broadcasted in this program that his ideal woman is like HwangBo.. that he likes older women.. and it is ok for him to have a relationship to an older woman which is 8 years older than him like HwangBo..

HwangBo’s appeal is really something! HyunJoong! you should be on your guard always!

Any show with HwangBo wouldn’t be complete if HyunJoong’s name is not brought up.. Therefore, in one of their games, HwangBo was asked if she likes HyunJoong in which she was momentarily taken aback.. She answered ‘Even I don’t know myself..’

I really like how they are associated with each other.. Where ever show HwangBo goes or guested, she’ll be asked about HyunJoong and same goes with HyunJoong, he’ll be asked about Buin.. Just like a real couple.. Korea has really accepted them as a married couple and i think they are part of Korea’s entertainment history already..

In another show which HwangBo guested, Star Friend Blind Date, HyunJoong was once again in the picture.. HwangBo revealed that she likes a guy that is tactful, silly and in his own world.. Her friend asked ‘like your Sshillang?’ 

Aaaaah~.. I think she mean’s her Sshillang.. Is there any other guy she knows that is like that???

I don’t think so..