Could there be anymore sweeter, funnier and thrilling episode such like this week’s episode??? It just tops my favorite JoongBo episode of all time!! Our favorite couple just gets better and better..

HyunJoong’s over protectiveness and could be jealousy..

HwangBo’s ‘come what may’ confession..

just made it for me!!!

How could there be such a guy like HyunJoong that is soooo handsome beyond words, talented, GMCRC (good moral character and right conduct! lol!), and with a humor that just kills me!!!!

waaaaaaaah~~ I’m going crazy!!!

Right where episode 31 ended, they are still at the restaurant having their lunch.. HyunJoong is curious who did Buin invite later at dinner.. saying that if it is her friends that is coming over, he would like them coz they must be pretty and nice too like her..

Seems like Sshillang is not worried about the ‘age’ thing! and want her brothers to experience the happiness he is experiencing now..

But again.. the big age gap is a big deal to HwangBo.. saying that she shouldn’t set her friends up with her brother-in-laws.. saying it is not right.. HyunJoong’s response was ‘why not??? I became a  better man because of you’.. hohoho.. something like that (adding a little drama).. hehehe.. 🙂 and HwangBo is kindah thrilled hearing it!

oooh! such sweeet words.. I think HwangBo’s life is complete!! she should have responded ‘You complete me’!!! hahahaha~~~!

Really!!! HyunJoong has no control in his actions and words in this episode!!! and HwangBo must be in cloud nine!!

They were talking what should they do next and HyunJoong suggested to do Aegyo (cute act).. He wants to see HwangBo to do a cute act even to the point of lying! They are so cute in here! HwangBo thinking that she’s not that cute to HyunJoong and she was a little pissed off! hahaha! HyunJoong was really determined to see HwangBo’s cute act.. and we’ll also see Buin’s aegyo for sure!!! (not on this episode though!)

After taking their lunch, they went back again to the park doing games and bets.. they played basketball and target shooting.. Of course, and the bet is.. the loser has to do the winner’s wish!! HwngBo was really scared with their bet knowing that HyunJoong want’s to see her cute act..

I have read somewhere that HwangBo doesn’t really like doing cute acts.. she only does it in front of her boyfriend.. must be the reason why HwangBo’s denying HyunJoong of her aegyo!!

In their first game, HyunJoong shot 44 balls while HwangBo made only 34 balls.. Of course, it is expected  HyunJoong to win since it’s a man’s game.. In target shooting, they have agreed that who ever wins in target shooting wins the bet.. Funny how they try to cheat and distract each other for the sake of winning! they are really very competitive! HwangBo won the bet.. I don’t know if Sshillang let Buin win.. But I am hoping that it was like that.. though we may never know what’s reall going on in his weird mind!

The loser HyunJoong piggybacked Buin.. again teasing HwangBo that she’s heavy.. then she covers his mouth to refrain him from sayng it! they are now really comfortable with each other and very playful too.. HyunJoong hoax HwangBo that he’ll carry her so that she can perform aegyo to him.. but it turns out that he has to carry buin longer than he had expected.. He really carried her for a distance.. I was waiting for this scene!! It was soooo cute!

In the black room interview, I love what HwangBo said..

yea I’ve come so far. I’ve worried so much (of our relationship). I think I’ve always drawn the line even as I was trying to open up. But I felt today that it’s not necessary. What’s going to happen in the future is in the future. I think it’s wrong to draw the line just because I am afraid of what’s going to happen in the future.

c/o knossos

Finally!! sometimes it is frustrating to watch these two.. especially hwangbo who doesn’t reciprocate HyunJoong’s move..

After their Everland adventure, they went back home to prepare their next mission.. Buin’s ‘Matchmaking Mission’.. Alot of my favorite scenes where in their house..

My Favorte scenes..

  • When they got their ‘BoBo wedding pic’..

  •  When he noticed that Buin’s skirt is too short and telling her to change her outfit.. I thought it was just a spur of the moment when he didn’t approve of Buin’s outfit during the Ant Tour.. this prove’s that HyunJoong is conservative.. that’s how usually most guys are when their girlfriend wear sexy clothes.. Now he’s even strict with her outfit during filmings..

  • HyunJoong rating HwangBuin 11out of 10.. Again, sweet words from HyunJoong that touched Buin hearts.. I love how playful Buin in here.. not telling her Sshillang that it is her junior (wondergirls) that are coming..

  • calling ‘Buin’ with no special reason.. and how cutely he said ‘aniyah (no, nothing)’.. he’s also cute in trying to convince Buin to do her aegyo.. He is still not giving up until the end.. even demonstrating how it should be done using a cucumber.. in the end he’s the one who’s doing aegyo.. he’s really cute!!!! he’s being cute in the entire episode!!!

  • When he threatened HwangBuin to wear only an underwear when her friends come if shell not change her clothes!!! Bwahahahaha!!! My super favorite part of the episodel!!!! This is trully priceless!!!! His reasoning was childish yet there’s a manly feel to it!!!! I don’t know what i’m saying!!!

There are still many cute scenes.. I’ll continue later on.. There is still this part where HyunJoong got jealous when Buin accidentally dialled a man’s number and he even got jealous with KyuJong when he said he wants to visit hwangBo’s mother.. saying that ‘Why would you visit her??? I should be doing that!!’

And of course, the ss201 part.. they are always adorable in my eyes.. Tricking the two boys.. many more funny moments..

What i liked in this episode was not their skinships and how their body talks.. but their conversations.. on how expressive hyunjoong is and seeing HwangBo’s thrilled expressions..

HyunJoon is acting more like the man now in the relationship.. and HwangBo who follows hyunjoong’s command! just like a wife! ooooh i like that!!!

Seems like they are courting secretly under our very own eyes.. **wishful thinking**

Sometimes you want to hear what you need to hear.. With the kind of relationship they have and level they are at now.. it is not enough to read each others body language.. because it might create misjudgements and misunderstandings.. Sometimes hearing it clears away all doubts.. and you start to believe..

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