Leader Kim Hyun Joong of idol group ss501 shall continue to appear in ‘We Got Married’ despite having a full shooting schedule on his up coming drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’.

From an undisclosed source stated that Kim Hyun Joong will start shooting the said drama this november 5th onwards but will still continue to film ‘We Got Married’ episodes and filming schedules were adjusted to get the understanding of both parties..

For the meantime, Kim Hyun Joong shall not be present on WGM studio filmings for the reason that the location filming of Hana Yori dango shall be in Australia and Macau in the middle of this month. But with the agreed adjustment of the current schedule, he will be able to participate in all the shootings of WGM and HYD until the end of the year. 

An official from WGM has also said that “we will continue to keep the system of having the four remaining couples namely, Kim HyunJoong-HwangBo and Crown J-Seo InYeong as well as the couples Hwan Hee-HwaYobi and Marco-Son DamBi until the end of the year. 


Credit: Star News



Finally!! Its Official!

This is a cause for a Celebtation for the whole JooBodom!!! I was really ecstatic upon reading this news..

but, then again..

I knew that they will stay until the end of the year.. I think they have already covered all the episodes until december..

I want to hear a news of them filming a new episode, an episode like ‘lettuce couple spending christmas together’ like that..  i think i will not be appease until i hear that news..

I want them to film a new episode so that we’ll have something to talk and spazz about!!! lol!

JoongBo Fighting!!! 😀