Alex and Shinae, cutely named as the AlShin couple, shed tears as they finally say goodbye to their fans in their last WGM studio filming which was recorded yesterday, November 4.

Their final studio filming of We Got Married began around 7PM and finished around past 1AM, was held at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province. Alex and Shinae received bouquet of flowers from the members of the production crew as they formally say their final goodbyes to the audience.

Last October 29, an outdoor shooting with the fans was held at YokSamDong ICA Academy in Seoul, to be their last episode as a couple of We Got Married. The fans who attended the filming were then informed of the couple’s departure on the program.

The couple’s first appearance in the program was in mid-March and was labeled as the romantic couple that is loved by the audience and has gained big viewership. On May 4th, they temporarily separated and then by June 8th, request for the AlShin Couple to be reunited were hotly demanded by the viewers of the said program.

 Alex who is also a member of the music group Clazziquai, will release their new album entitled ‘Metro Ltd.’ (Metrotronix) on the 6th and shall be busy promoting their new album and other album realted activities.. Shinae on the hand is casted in a KBS 2TV historical drama ‘Empress Cheon Chu’ which shall also to begin shooting soon and wants to start to concentrate more in her acting career.