They are the most good looking F4 ever!!! Gosh!!! they are so F4!!!

Can’t wait for the drama in December!!!


Updated pictures of HYD filming..


Han Chae Young as Shizuka, first love of Rui


I think the girl is Gu Hye Sun.. i think this scene is when Rui went to France to follow Shizuka


They really give a different feeling as F4.. They are like the elite and super wealthy F4 based on their looks..

untouchable to anyone.. love how they are looming over at makino coz they are so very tall!!!

They are really F4!!! in every inch of it!!!

Seems like they are really following the manga.. even with their outfits!!

I’m not sure with Gu Hye Sun though.. seems like she’s old for the role.. hope she’ll prove us wrong..