This week’s episode was fun.. yeah! there were many skinships as our favorite couple is way way more comfortable with each other now.. but I don’t know.. I’m not really that thrilled..  I guess because i wanted to see just the two of them and ‘NOBODY NOBODY’ else in any of their remaining episodes..

The two veterans were being playful with their matchmaking mission!!! Initiating games that will embarrass their guests.. and acting like both of them are knowledgeable now in this area, being married now for a couple of months.. lol.. And these veterans are just showing off by having so many skinships in front of their guests!!! a.k.a living by example! lol~~~!

HyunJoong is completely different whenever his members are around.. lol! Funny how he’s bossing around the two boys!

HwangBo was so fun!!! It’s really amazing how she can level up with that age group.. she’s really flexible and can relate to anyone whatever their age may be..  And with that energy!! WoW!!..

The two girls from WonderGirls were not bad.. I’m not really a fan of them.. or any of the girl group band..

I love how unaffected Sshillang is with the fresh girls.. keeping his promise not to look at any other woman while being married to Buin.. Is there still a guy or husband that is like him??? who wouldn’t look at a woman that is even as pretty as Shinae??? That is trully rare nowadays!!

HyunJoong is an endangered specie I must say!!!

The two boys were thrilled and excited upon seeing who their blind dates are.. acting really shy.. but you can see that their smiles were up to their ears!!! HyungJoon was ecstatic!! he said he likes both girls and was really thankful to hwangBo!! lol!! Oooh KyuJong was so cute.. I like how shy he was around the girls.. now i know what’s his charms is.. he’s really charismatic..

I really like KyuJong!! He’s such a nice boy.. You can see that he has a pure heart and cannot be mean to anyone.. ever!!! I liked it when he said in last weeks episode that HwangBo is a girl that is both pretty and nice!!!

As what they have discussed earlier, before the Wgirls came, the boys must give signals as to who they like.. If they like the girl in their left, one must hold the fork with his left hand or if it’s the girl in their right, then it is the spoon they should hold with their right hand.. On the meeting proper, KyuJong held his fork and picked the food with his right hand indicating that it is YooBin which was on his right he likes,..  while HyunJoong (baby) picked his food using both hands!!! meaning, he likes both girls and can go to whomever he’s partnered to.. lol

They started their matchmaking engagement by introducing themselves to one another.. the two groups introduced themselves and was acting really shy being paired up with each other.. The boys stuttered big time with their introduction and they were very very cute!!! well.. they are to me!!! I don’t know with the girls!!

The cutest scene in here was, when it’s Sshillang’s turn for the introduction!! It was sooo cute when he Introduced himself as HwangBuin’s husband!!! and Buin became really shy but at the same time thrilled!!! I think he’s making it clear to the two girls that he’s not available anymore!!!! and they must focus their attentiion to the two other boys!!! very clever of our Sshillang!!!hahaha~!

Oh you can really see that they are acting like a real couple right now.. HyunJoong putting up like the man in the relationship and was really reserved! Like how a father in front of his kids.. while Buin was really touchy to Sshillang especially whenever he teases her!!!

HyunJoong’s weirdness came up again as he explained to his guests, on his introduction, that their house right now is small coz there wasn’t much events coming up.. therefore he suggested to the WG that if they have a performance, they should also invite them.. and he and his wife can do a team performance and can give them a 15% discount!!! Sshillang must have enjoyed performing side by side with his Buin!!!  and they are now having the same level of humor!!! Buin really dig Sshillang’s joke!!!

There were short gaps of silence as the two parties were awkward with each other and doesn’t know how to start the conversation.. the girls found an excuse to be occupied as they are busy looking at the couples wedding pictures.. HyunJoong teases the girls to have a wedding photoshoot of their own with the boys!!! hahahah~~!

Due to the awkwardness of both parties, HwangBo came up with the first game.. the ‘3 seconds eye contact’.. her brother-in-laws are just moving too sloooow.. so she has to help them.. everyone didn’t want to do it at first!!! but i don’t think there is anything they can do!!! lol!!

HyunJoong demanded that if they don’t do it then it would mean that they are not interested.. Buin commented that he’s such a good assistant MC and then they made this gesture with their hands meaning that they gel well together..


  • HyungJoon and YeEun first..


  • KyuJong and YooBin next..

During this time, WG mentioned that they saw HjunJoong somewhere else outside of the event.. And then suddenly Buin became like an investigative police and asked questions one after another.. Right away Buin asked if HyunJoong was drinking alcohol when they saw him.. then they say that it was in a performance event.. they addded that they said Hi to him but he responded reluctantly to them..

They now proceeded to the couple selection..Using the fork, they have to point it up if there’s a person they are interested to.. and down if there’s none.. HwangBo was freakingly thrilled and started giggling nonstop!!! even Falling to HyunJoong!!! OMO!!! Buin is so cute!!!

As usual they are again too shy to do it.. YeEun even tried to change the subject.. asking if they can tour their house.. but they were  blatantly denied with their request!!! lol!!! What they see is what there is.. hahaha!! HwangBo is really into her role!!! From HyunJoong’s mouth, Buin is acting like a thrilled ajuhmma (middle aged woman) and was trying her to calm down!!! Buin was really hyper!!!

The Lettuce couple end up doing it themselves.. just to show the youngsters how easy it is to do it.. and of course, they pointed their fork at each other with their eyes closed.. hihihi~~~!!! cute!!! Then the couple are being goofy, using their hands as binoculars, as they start their love pointing game!!!

And the result???

YooBin has chosen KyuJong

KyuJong has chosen Yoobin.. but YeEun also chose KyuJong

and HyungJoon chose YeEun.. poor baby.. 😦 hahaha~~

The veterans were ecstatic!!! and they can’t seem to contain their happiness!!!

And then corfirming to each other if they have seen the same thing.. OoooooH  I like this scene!!! their faces are so close as they whisper to each other.. and HyunJoong’s arm went around Buins shoulder with so much familiarity!!!

They end the game with a cheer of rice cakes!!! which according to HyunJoong ‘For a love that as chewy as rice cakes’!!! ahahahahah~~`! Another 4D saying from HyunJoong!!! Then Buin second it with ‘For our life and youth’!!! Eeeeh?? the youngsters didn’t get what the couples were saying.. it was too weird for them.. lol!!

JoongBo couple made some lame excuse like going to the toilet, so that they can leave the four and go to their room to confirm more with each other the results of the couple selection.. this is where they also planned what to do with their next act.. they decided to do a karaoke game per couple!!! and of course, a game with the lettuce couple is not complete without a bet!!! While on this, they’ve decided that KyuJoong will be partnered with YooBin and HyungJoon will be with YeEun.. take note!! with the toilet paper on HyunJoong’s hand..

They look like a couple in this picture!!! This is right after they went out of their room.. and they went with their alibi of using the toilet.. even telling them that they have used half of their toilet paper..

As what they have planned, their next game was singing karaoke as couples!! The youngsters wouldn’t agree to the game if the lettuce couple wouldn’t demonstrate and sing first.. This is my favorite part of the episode.. I liked it because Sshillang sang my favorite song and I think this is the first time he’s singing this in national TV.. pls correct me if i’m wrong..

They are really going crazy while doing this!!! Though his singing at that moment was not in the best quality, it was very very funny!!! Buin was doing a techtonic dance to a ballad song!! It was really a riot!! Buin was really trying hard to level with her guests!!! even the MC’s are laughing  hard while they were watching this!!!

Woooah!!! Buin is really something!!! After their performance, It was KyuJong and YooBin’s turn to sing.. JoongBo couple must have taken up something that night!! they were really hyper!!! While KyuJong was singing a trot song, Sshillang and Buin are doing their own dance moves!!! they are really in tune with each other!! They were really having fun!!!

 KyuJong got a 100 mark!!! WoW KyuJong is really serious!! Will Yoobin accept his proposal??? The last to perform is HyungJoon and YeEun.. Their performance was just okay.. nothing to be excited about.. what perked me up was while these two were singing, our favorite couple are into their own world and are whispering to each other!!! Oooooooh they are sooo lovely!!! and this scene didn’t escape from KyuJoong and YooBin’s eyes.. they must be wondering what’s the real score with this two!!!

Of course, Buin and Shillang are still hyper active up until the third performace.. HyunJoong also got a 100 score.. therefore, as a tie breaker, it was decided that the man who danced the ‘Nobody’ song better shall be the winner.. of course, this is where the WG promotes their song.. that’s their main objective right???

It’s cute how the Ssangchoo couple danced the nobody steps.. they are really into their groove that tonight!!! I feel so happy for them.. after a demonstration from the wondergirls, our favorite couple joined the game and danced the nobody song too..

the winner of the said game will be revealed next week.. will they stay with their current partner or will they interchange?? the real coupling will be shown next week!!!

Hate how the PD is stretching JoongBo’s already filmed episodes.. GRRRR!

Young Love is Sweet Love.. Its nice to see these young bloods get romantically linked.. for our enjoyment!

My impression on this episode.. hmmm.. HwangBo and HyunJoong are soooo much on the same level right now.. they are so much in sync with each other!! It seems that in everything that they do, they are now so much alike!!! the other must level with the other for a couple to be created.. HyunJoong can level with HwangBo in terms of maturity.. he acted like the real leader in this episode and he’s so much in full command.. while Buin levels with HyunJoong in terms of his childishness.. she really goofied around.. I have now realized that age really doesn’t matter when it is your heart that communicates..