What a bummm..

I guess for the meantime we can only hear separate news snippets of our favorite couple..

HyunJoong is busy filming with his upcoming drama..

while HwangBo, busy with her other variety/reality shows..

Since their last WGM filming in Jeju..

I believe they haven’t met since then..

Here are some of what our favorite couple has been up to these days..

Aside from seeing her with the other idols these past few weeks, HwangBo together with the other member of Infinity girls will debut as singers.. they will have a live performance today,November 15, at MBC’s Music Core.. singing their song ‘Sang Sang’ (Imagination) which they have been singing in their program since september..

 Last November 12, HwangBo was awarded with the Best Dance Singer in the recently held Korean Entertainment Arts Awards..  YeY~~! HwangBo Fighting!!


Here’s an update of the filming of HyunJoong’s ‘Boys Before Flowers’ drama.. HyunJoong is so rui-ish based from his facial expressions on the pictures below..

Kim HyunJoong and the rest of the F4 with Gu Hye Sun will be heading to New York next week to begin their 10 shooting days for the said drama..