I’ll give this episode with a BIG laugh!!! Bwahahahaah~~~! random cuteness were everywhere!!!

I utterly enjoyed it!!! I enjoyed this week’s epi than with the ss201 and WG combined.. I really like it when it is just the two of them.. I like seeing their interaction with each other more than anyone else..

Hmmmm.. the episode was not sweet.. not like the previous episodes.. But hey, maybe we need a little reality check..

Uhmm..I can label this episode as cute.. Though there weren’t much happenings with their segment.. since they just stayed home.. but it was still a cute episode..

As for the continuation of the matchmaking mission, they played the truth or consequences game as their last game.. the one who ticked the bomb and pops the head out of the barrel (toy) will be questioned by the person on his/her right and if he/she wasn’t able to answer the question, he/she has to drink the soda (instead of an alcohol)..

The first one who ticked the bomb was HwangBo, and she was asked by Sshillang if Buin went out or dated more than five guys.. Buin answered with ‘just 2’.. and Sshillang immediately liked Buin’s answer, commenting ‘That’s good! thank You!! hahaha lol~~~! Hope that it will be only 2 and it will be just Sshillang all the way.. Hearing HwangBo’s answer gave me an impression that Buin is the kind of woman that is serious with her relationship.. and when she enters into a relationship, it’s not just brief but a long term one.. Therefore, if our cards played right and our wishes are granted, and these two did hook up for real, it means that Buin did not take this lightly and HyunJoong is one heck of a lucky guy!!! 

The game ended with another couple selection for a chance to change partners or stick with their current selection.. and I think the four is contented with their partners as they pointed the same person.. they were really matched up.. KyuJong and YooBin has really chemistry.. and you can really see that they like each other.. oh well, i’m sure that KyuJong liked the girl.. not sure with YooBin though.. I don’t know if she’s just going with the flow and doing it coz she’s a guest of the show..

The one who were really happy were the ss201 boys.. especially HyungJoon who’s still ecstatic until the end of the matchmaking.. Meanwhile, Sshillang was not really that thrilled with that day’s happening as he didn’t get anything out of it!!! Lol~! OMO!!! Does Sshillang wants to be matched too???  

Right after their guests left, they have decided to end the night and went to bed as their day was really tiring.. HyunJoong went to their bedroom while HwangBo rested on the sofa.. I’m sure this role reversal of HyunJoong the one sleeping in the room and not Buin, stirred another commotion and heated debate among JoongBo fans.. How could HyunJoong be the one in the room??? Why was Buin left on the couch!! so ungentlemanly of Sshillang!!! that would be some of the fan’s comments..

After watching HyunJoong for a couple of months now in this program, I’m sure that he couldn’t do not offering the room to HwangBo.. Even if they have come now to their level of comfortability with each other, HwangBo is still his Noona and senior in the industry.. so i don’t think HyunJoong will be able to do that.. Even if HwangBo is not his noona or senior, I don’t think HyunJoong is that kind of man that will be disrepectful to anyone.. You know.. HyunJoong has GMCRC right???

And I don’t think HwangBo stayed the night at their apartment.. I think she went home after their filming.. They didn’t even show that they did really sleep in the apartment.. and also in the next scene, HwangBo was not at home.. and just back to the apartment with her dog.. Also, i remember in their first episode in Jeju, Sshillang slept at the sofa while HwangBo slept in the beautiful bedroom of their hotel..

moving on..

So the next day, It was just the two them and they have received another mission.. Ok I’m just gonna pick the parts which i think are cute for me..

  • HyunJoong looking and calling Buin everywhere in the house without realizing that he was left all alone.. He’s like a lost child!! It’s really cute and endearing when he calls his Buin.. The way he says Buin is really sexy!!! Ooooh I’m getting crazy again!!!

  • HyunJoong Getting Mushy with Buin’s Dog!!! hahahaha~~! He’s really cute with the dog.. I was even imagining that he’s suggesting to Buin that Jins (the dog) must call him Appa rather than Ahjusshi!! Oh but well.. he didn’t.. so sad.. jins could have been their baby.. I think he can be a good father seeing the way he is with the dog.. hahaha~~

  • HyunJoong acting as Buin’s Manager.. Never really realized this, but he can really be demanding sometimes.. oh well, we saw how bossy he is with his members.. but i never thought that he would be with Buin.. He’s taken seriously, uhmm maybe too much, his manager role.. but of course, in a cute way.. And as you can see, as manager, he’s really serious with his craft.. It was so funny when he demanded they must have a vocalization as preparation for Buin’s performance.. It was also funny when HwangBo keep guessing the wrong note HyunJoong was playing..  even the MCs are trying to guess the notes.. ahahaha~~

  • HyunJoong playing Bogoshipda as this is the only piano piece he knows.. lol~~ I got really excited when he played it.. I thought he’s gonna play the whole song.. It’s still one of my wishful thinking that he would be able to play the whole piece to Buin.. I guess it will never happen.. Even Buin got excited.. I guess she really want to hear it too.. And then HyunJoong’s 4Dness came up again as he sang Bogoshipda in a really high pitch, breaking the mood he set..

  • HwangBuin Mission.. I have been waiting for this mission to come out.. Now we finally know the reason behind HwangBo’s quirky choreography in her Busan performance.. And as we have all guessed, It was all Sshillang’s doing.. Funny how Buin followed all HyunJoong’s directions..

For the Get Hot performance


For the Mature performance

If you want to see HwangBo’s performance, you can watch it in here.. Buin’s Secret Mission??

  • HwangBo’s stage outfit fitting.. Buin was really pretty in every outfit she wore.. I wonder how would shillang reacts when he sees Buin wearing a different outfit he did not approve.. lol!!! That would really be funny!!! Will they fight over it??? Will it be a BIG deal to Sshillang??? I hope these questions will be answered next episode..

  • HyunJoong’s facial expressions on HwangBuin’s outfit.. For me, it is endearing that HyunJoong is somewhat conservative with Buin’s outfit.. Although sometimes, I think he’s being unreasonable.. I would rather have him nag her with her outfits than not to care at all.. at least he takes care of what is rightfully his.. hahahah~~~! sometimes guys do these things for the sense of ownership.. protecting what is rightfully theirs.. I don’t know.. I really dont understand them when we just want to be pretty just for them..

OMO!! Today’s episode was cut too short by the PDs.. GRRRRR! I really don’t know what to do with these PDs!!! I think the new PD is much much worse than the old PD!!! How could they not show what they previewed last week??? What were they thinking??? are they in drugs??? who in the right mind would do that??? geeesh!!!

I was really looking forward on this episode as they have shown in their preview how close buin and shillang’s bodies are.. GRRRR!!!! Major GRRRRRR!!! I really dont know what went to the PDs head and they cut it!!! almost 90% of the joongbo preview were cut!!!

They have stretched the WG and ss201 matchmaking episode just to cut them in this weeks episode??? I say, that the PDs have used the WG way too much for the programs promotional purposes!!

Oh well.. I have to move on!!! What could I have expected from the PDs who has continuously and repeatedly disappointed us!!!

And how could they alot a little time to the alshin couple who were leaving the show!!!! barely 7 mins for the couple who gave them high ratings at one point or another!!! can’t they show a little gratitude??? really!!! these PDs are unbelievable!!!  a little consideration and a feeling of importance is not that big to ask for!!!


What the PDs did was gave the time to the new couples who is still bland to my likeness!! and the crownJ-InYoung-DonDon trio seems like a circus to me.. i’m getting a little tired and annoyed with their bickering!!! can’t the PD think of another concept??? this is kindah draggy to me.. seriously there were a lot of dondon-Inyoung moments than with crownJ.. tsk tsk.. I kindah miss CrownJ and InYoung’s Love-Hate relationship..

While watching today’s episode, i came to realized, why is that when it is joongbo’s scene that was airing, it seems it is too short.. but when it was marco-danbi’s turn, it’s like eternity before they return it to joongbo..

HyunJoong was really in command in this episode.. They have really come a long way for Sshillang to be this demanding.. and I like how HwangBo follows every order of Sshillang.. Now, Sshillang is really in the lead of this relationship.. At first, it was HwangBo who leads HyunJoong which HwangBo always whine about.. and I think Buin likes it to be led by her Sshillang..

I feel like i sounded serious writing my thoughts for this week’s episode.. and I feel that all i did was rant.. Mianhe everyone..