There hasn’t been much JoongBo news since the confimation of their divorce in WGM.. sigh.. 😦

And I think this would take a while since HyunJoong is very busy right now with his first acting endeavor and in the 1st Quarter of 2009, he’ll then be busy with ss501’s new album..

It’s sad to think that we can only see them together on pre-filmed episodes of WGM..

I guess we’ll just have to be contented on what they can offer us for now..

Aside of being featured in Marie Claire Korea November issue, HwangBo’s hair style was also featured in a magazine (not sure if it’s in the same magazine).. I believe she really has a very straight hair.. and now she’s sporting a look of wavy hair.. Here’s how you can have the same look as HwangBo..

Wow!! It’s so easy to be pretty as HwangBo!!! But it’s takes a lot more, more than hair,  to be paralleled with Buin..

Buin was also seen hanging out with kim kyung Rok.. her x-man pal.. this guy was also vocal with his admiration for HwangBo in their x-man days.. Have you seen his Lovers in Paris parody??? It was soooo hilarious and you’ll be amazed!!! It’s nice to see that they still hang out even though they’re not seen together in television now a days..


Latest pics of Kim HyunJoong from Boys Before Flowers.. Teasers from the production company of the said drama..

Kim HyunJoong with Han Chae Young.. Sshillang looks so handsome in the picture..


  Group Pic of F4 with the female lead, Gu Hye Sun as JanDi.. Is HyunJoong feeling the role now???


The Wedding BoBo pic of the lettuce couple were seen being displayed in a bridal shop..


Gifts that was given to the Ssangchu couple and has been prepared by their korean fans..  Korean Fans are really something!!! can’t say anything about their passion to their idols!!! my hands are up to them!!!