I usually dont monitor myself,, but for <BOYS OVER FLOWER> I definitely will. The first manhwa i ever read was <BOYS OVER FLOWERS>. When i was asked audition by GROUP8 i wanted to go to the Manhwa borrowing place to read over the manga, but i was so embarrased. I was too embarrased to go to the TrendFantasy manhwa section, so i told the manager to just go to ChunGaeChun ManHwa store and buy the entire series and i’m reading it at home. All the series are scattered all over my house right now because i’m reading them again for the role.

I get goosebumped out and still feel a tickly having to say all those mushy line for the drama because I’m really into manly adventurous dramas and movies, and can’t really say those things easily,, but i dont think it’ll be a problem because the viewers are going to be watching me as Yoon Ji Hoo who has the image of the classic romantic guy. I’m going to try my best for the viewers.”

Just like a son of a rich man, Ji Hoo is supposed to be perfect and good at everything.

” I’m practicing to hold chopsticks more properly right now..”

” It was really awkward meeting the other F4 members but after we had a Soju Party and had a few drinks we’ve become closer, we let go of everything, all the worries we had and the pressure we had that night. I call KimBum to go play pool on the freedays. It’s so much easier acting because we are much closer now.. I want to reshoot all the previous scenes that we did on the first day of filming!”

” When i told my friends about me being casted,, they all said ‘just act like how you usually act!’
A quiet but random 4 dimensional Flower boy is Kim Hyun Joong image among koreans and this is also the same for the character of Yoon Ji Hoo.

“I’m really shy too,, i think 80% of our personalities are similar. but Yoon Ji Hoo is more feminine and overwhelming sometimes,,, i really like partying crazy and doing what guys do for fun,, so i’ll have to practice a bit more..”

” i can play the guitar so i’m more used to holding the strings with my left hand but using the stick and controlling it is a bit hard for me, but so far right now i can play the “happy birthday song” with the violin.”


thanks to vivir111 of soompi for translating the article..

I think this is his first interview and the first time we hear him talk about f4 and his latest drama..