Kid Groom Kim HyunJoong’s one day manager experience!

HyunJoong acting as a hands-on manager to HwangBuin, directly giving orders, and thoroughly checking the situation and status of his wife.

The kid manager HyunJoong promised to do his best and be his wife’s best manager!! However, his name was not included in the list of performer’s roster and eventually was not allowed to enter the event hall!!!

Must be the reason why Sshillang is having an expression like being punished by the heavens in this pic!!! hahahaha~~!

 After separating with his Buin, HyunJoong was forced to stay in a backstage quarters with her pet dog ‘jins’!!

Will Buin do his mission as instructed?? Will the kid groom manager finally be able to succeed over HwangBo’s aegyo denial???  now, that is the question!!!

I guess we all know the answer to that!! lol~~!