Watching today’s episode is LOVE but at the same time it saddens me.. is it possible to feel this both at one time?? I don’tknow why but It feels like i am having the same feelings when i was watching ‘I’m sorry, I love you’..  A bittersweet one!!! I L.O.V.E this episode!!! more than the others!!! For me, it beats the other previous episodes!! Our couple just keeps getting better and better.. BUT.. watching this episode made me realize that the end for our couple is coming near.. after busan, jeju seems so near now.. ooooh i wanna cry..

Through this episode, I got to see our favorite couple how to become a real couple that treats each other like husband and wife as real as it can be.. Also how they become a family with the addition of jins as their baby.. I have also witnessed HyunJoong how to be a dad!!! and i think he’ll be a great dad in the future..

This episode also showed us their true feelings for each other.. oh well, i think it’s more visible on hyunjoong’s end.. I think he might be falling for her now or at least might have a big crush on her!!!

Sshillang has really come out of his shell!!! It’s really nice to see skinships overflowing as they are really comfortable now and they don’t even notice that they are having skinships now and then..

I have been anticipating this episode for weeks now.. since i saw Buin’s secret mission.. the mystery of this mission really got me weeks after weeks!!! we get to think if it is really HyunJoong at the side of the stage.. and fans really talked about this secret mission.. now we know the answers to all our questions!!

JoongBo travelling all the way from Seoul to Busan for HwangBo’s event!! HyunJoong continued his one-day-manager mission and even drives for Buin in Busan where she will have to perform in front of hundreds of military men.. I like how comfortable they are now in the car compared to the first time when they rode the red convertible in their honeymoon episode in episode 9.. its really different.. they had lots of long gaps of silence between them then.. now HyunJoong is really talkative..

While in the car, they talked about random things.. they talked about their contract.. the food they will eat.. and how Buin should be the last performer and do the ending on the event coz hyunJoong believes that his buin is the top star of  the event!!

Funny how it is still hard for Sshillang to talk to strangers when he needs to ask the military traffic enforcer for a direction.. but he was able to do it since buin was at his side guiding and supporting him.. There goes the saying that ‘Behind a successful man is a good woman’!!! hahahah~~

But sadly, when they got to the gate of the performance hall, HyunJoong was not allowed to enter as his name was not on the list of performers and guests.. I liked how Buin tried to persuade the guards to let HyunJoong get in just this once.. saying that she can’t do anything without her Sshillang and she’ll all be nervous and not be able to perform on stage if Sshillang is not with her.. Ooooh.. so sweet!! But alas!!! the guards just cannot be moved.. and they were really strict.. After getting her autograph and all!!!!

And during this pleading with the guards.. HyunJoong was all quiet.. I don’t know if it is because he doesn’t like talking to stangers or he doesn’t like begging when he knows there ‘s nothing he can do anyways.. that it is the policy of the event and cannot be voilated even if they are celebrities.. It was kinda disappointing to see when Buin was really trying hard to make a way for HyunJoong to get in while HyunJoong was there just being quiet.. It could have been better if HyunJoong supported Buin and just have beg with Buin with all his might!!!..

With a sad face and somewhat disappointed, Buin gave up trying and left jins to the custody of his father.. hhahaha!! and before they separate, Buin turned back again to HyunJoong to do one last cheer for the night.. saying out loud their family banner “My life’s event.. event come to me!!!”

Ohhhh!!! you can see that they don’t want to be separated.. they are somewhat sad that they have to be separated for the meantime.. Buin was looking at the car while Sshillang was driving away with a sad face.. same as Sshillang who was waving to buin as he drives further away from Buin.. oooh.. so sad to see their faces like that.. 😦

Funny how HyunJoong can say that he’ll just think of jins as his wife for the time being with a straight face!!! He really does have a strange sense of humor.. and He was really cute how he treats jins!!! OMO!!! I’m wishing to be jins for a moment!!!! LOL~!!!! he was being fatherly to jins.. and he really took great care of jins while Omma was away..

HyunJoong did everything, even silly things, with jins just not to get bored while waiting for Buin.. Meanwhile, at Buin’s performace, she did all the cute acts instructed by Sshillang and up until her performance on stage, it is Sshillang that she thinks about.. In her black room interview, she speaks what was on her mind as she was to begin doing those acts.. She said that she knew that Sshillang will be greatly dissapointed if she will not do HyunJoong’s mission and that even though her head was getting full of worries and was really nervous in front of the soldiers, she did it anyway.. I really like Buin!!! Whoever will be HwangBo’s husband will be very lucky!!! no wonder all her relationships were long coz she’s really a prized catch!!

HyunJoong prepared the food and bought all the food that Buin asked.. even though he teased her earlier that he cannot afford pricey food.. HyunJoong was getting impatient as Buin was still not home and keep asking Jins why his wife, jin’s omma, is still not home??? ooooh!!! so cute how he pertain themselves like family..

When Buin got home, the kid manager offered her right away a water as he knows how tiring it was performing.. Manager Kim was serving diligently Buin and even fed her with his hands.. Now Buin knows how it feels to have a husband serving and waiting for her..

HyunJoong ordered HwangBo to change her clothes like a husband before they eat.. saying how she could eat wearing her performance clothes.. well, i think HyunJoong wants HwangBo to change to respect the food they will be eating..  little things like this is what really makes it sweet for me with these two!! little things that you think are not important but says a lot on how far they are in their relationship right now!!!

Because HyunJoong cannot enter the hall and was not able to see HwangBo’s mission, HwangBo filmed her performce.. Buin was getting Hyped up and really boisterous as Sshillang started watching her mission.. Buin was really cute doing the mission.. but she couldn’t do all.. she was not able to do the smell part on Mature and was only able to spell HyunJoo rather than HyunJoong Jjang on Get hot!!!

  • Buin’s mission – HyunJoong’s reaction


Sshillang congratulated his wife for doing the mission.. saying she did good.. and based on his reaction, I think HyunJoong liked it and kept watching it repeatedly near the tv so that Buin will not get on his viewing way..

After eating and watching Buin’s performance, they have decided to take a walk at the beach and view the lights of a famous bridge in Busan.. Their walk at the beach was cute.. It was simply JoongBo.. They cant really do it romantically but it was still sweet.. After their walk, at home, they bathed Jins and took their first family picture.. Their family pic was Jjang!!! Were can you find such pretty Husband, Wife and doggie in one family?! They are all cute!!! 😛

Now, the highlight of the episode!!!

Even after seeing Buin doing her mission, HyunJoong was still asking for his angtal/aegyo.. tsk tsk.. this boy is really insatiable!!! So.. there’s really no other way Buin can put this off since HyunJoong is asking about it from time to time.. Maybe HyunJoong was really asking for this since he knows they will be parting soon and wants to keep a cute memory of Buin.. He started asking for aegyo in their Everland getaway.. Now it is Buin’s turn to show Sshillang her aegyo/angtal which she was denying him many times.. It was funny when HB said ‘Make sure you don’t fall for me too hard after watching this’.. LOL!!!

I surely bet Sshillang did fall for her!! It was so obvious in his reaction!!! He was thrilled upto the bones!!! OMO!! Look at that smile and the way he looks at her??? Isn’t he in L.O.V.E???

I love it how they can be happy and enjoying each others company in their own world.. it seems like they are living in their own world and indifferent to what is happening in the outside world when they are together!!

Now he gets to tease Buin!!! When a Guy always teases a girl, it only means that he likes her!!! hahahah~~!!! I learned that when i was in my elementary.. ahahaha!!! because boys always wants to get the attention of the girl they like!!! and the only way they can get that is by teasing them.. Sshillang enjoys teasing Buin!!! He seems so happy when he gets to tease buin and it seems like aegyo to him when Buin reacts to his teasings..

Buin has let go of her inhibitions.. we have witnessed it since the farewell mission episode.. she has drawned the line with regards to HyunJoong and I think she has always been the rational one in this relationship.. She has used too much of her brain instead of her heart to be able to go through all this way with him.. if she will not do that.. O Gosh!! all hell will break loose.. I mean, it will really get complicated..

I applaud Buin for this.. It is not easy to hold and control yourself and not to fall in love with HyunJoong who is very lovable.. But  we see Buin is having a hard time now guarding her heart.. unlike HyunJoong who’s letting it all out..

I love the last line of this episode.. HJ: ah I think I am going to see this in my dream! (the aegyo)


It was sad when even them, Sshillang and Buin, knows that their time is running out soon.. I love their conversations regarding this.. Here are some of the lines between HwangBo and HyunJoong that I trully like!!! Translations c/o of knossos

1. When they talked about not being able to see each other anymore because HyunJoong shall be busy with his drama.. When they were talking about this, there was a sad atmosphere that made me also sad while watching it..

HB: I guess I won’t be able to see you since you will be really busy.
HJ: ah ni yah (no you will be able to see me)
HB: Wherever we are even if we are not at the same place, let’s keep in touch

2. What they have expressed in their black room interview..  You can visibly see that they don’t want to end their marriage.. I really like what each of them has said in their interview.. It was sincere and feels like it is from their heart which makes it more meaningful..

I am thankful that my shillang got really puplar now and getting a lot of work but I feel bad that he looks really tired

PD: You want to be of help to him

Yes…. and maybe that’s why I did the mission because even for a brief moment if he can have a laugh..he’s made me laugh all the time but I don’t think I was able to make him laugh that much before so I really liked the fact that I was able to make him laugh

(Because of the impending drama shoot)I get a lot of stress and seems like the time I can spend with buin is getting smaller and smaller I feel worried and regretful

PD: What do you regret the most?

We were just getting closer and show our feelings to each other…but the time is running out so I regret…I mean I wish we’d gotten closer sooner.


PD:Have you ever thought that the marriage could end?

Of course I’ve always known… the farewell episode…..I felt bad…. I wanted to let him know that I want to continue this but I thought that for both of us saying sorry would be better (so we would part)

Caption: for busy and tired HJ she wanted to end the pretend marriage

But at the end I went with my greed…..Since Sillang went with the same decision…I felt less bad but still that’s what makes me feel sorry. Even now I am sure he’s really tired and he is so good to me….I feel bad about it.

PD: Would HJ know how you feel?

You know at that time I said…I don’t know what it is that I am sorry about but I am sorry and he said the same thing…so I think he knows….


3. Their conversation at the beach was sweet.. It was the sweetest thing i have ever heard from HyunJoong.. I’m sure Buin will always remember Sshillang whenever she’ll be at a beach..

HB: We’ve spent spring, summer and fall together
HJ: if we’d spend winter together then we’d have dated in all four seasons.
HJ: do you remeber what I wrote?
HB: of course “Marco is burdensome”
HB is writing on the sand… “finally the forth time…” and HJ is reading it.
HJ: I remember!!!
HB: What did I say ?
HJ: Let’s go to the baech together the fourth time! right?
HB: Yes
And they recite the poem together.
HJ: you’ve come to the beach for the fourth time with me…and I am confident that the fifth time is going to be with me too!
HB: What are you going to if you can’t come?
HJ: call me when you are going to the beach

They were really serious during these said conversations.. Can’t help but to feel what they are feeling.. It is said that JoongBo’s final episode shall be in mid-December.. And most probably on December 14.. I don’t know how will I take it.. and how will my weeks be without JoongBo.. They have given us such joy.. letting us watch them grow in our own very eyes.. It made us dream that we can have too that kind of romace.. It made us realize that anything can be possible in love.. I’ll have my JoongBo Withdrawal for a long period of time..

Gosh!!! Aside fron the juicy skinships, this episode also provided us with a lot of sweet conversations.. they are really giving it all to us, their loyal JoongBoers!!! I love how hyunJoong looks at Buin.. those subtle look that really electrifies you when you’re the recepient of it!!! His eyes says a lot.. OMG!!! Doesn’t his eyes says it all??? We have been noticing how he looks now at Buin in the previous episodes.. and there is really something to it!!! I think only the two of them knows it..

It took me longer to write this one coz there’s so much loveable scenes to write.. I like every scene in this episode!!! and it seems that i have a lot of comments.. pardon me if ther was alot of wrong spellings and grammars.. i’ll just edit it later on when i got the time.. mianhe!!