Sad that there hasn’t been a word from our favorite Lettuce Couple lately..

Though there hasn’t been news on JoongBo, it is our counterpart Ssangchu Fans in Korea that are making headlines around the world!!

Last November 26, Our fellow Joongboers in Korea has started a fund raising event using the tag line, SsangChu fan, because of you It is a happy day too..

At present, November 28 – 530pm, Nearly 620 people has participated and about 10,000,000 won has been raised and accumulated that was donated to the Unicef under the name of ‘WGM’s Lettuce Couple’..

DC Inside WGM gallery and WGM bulletin Board encourages everyone to help and participate by donating to UNICEF.. Your precious funds will be able to help starving children with warm nourishing meal, provide medicines for sick children and books for children who do not go to school shall also be given..

Everyone can particpate.. Let us all join our fellow JoongBoers in Korea by making individual donations under Lettuce Couple.. It doesn’t have to be big.. but it can help many children in big ways..

One small step is a giant leap for mankind – JFK