Uhmm.. Sorry for the delay.. I was out of circulation for some time.. and I really have to do this quick.. I’m sorry guys.. can’t do a summary for this week’s episode.. lots of school work need to be done.. I’ll just make a rundown of my favorites from this episode..

It was again a fun episode from our favorite Ssangchu couple.. what else could they be?? They can make it fun and at the same time sweet even in the dullest moment.. Everything they do is fun and cute for me..

Their closeness is really visible after fiming in consecutive days their  WGM episodes.. 

To start with, I have said this already.. and I think I’ll say this time and time again.. but i really like it when they are conversing..  And when HJ just says the silliest things which its aftereffect is making HwangBuin laughing out loud.. even make her rolling on the floor laughing.. OK.. I’m exaggerating.. BUT I really like seeing this!!! That is pure chemistry.. I have seen this at least more than once.. hehehe~~! Don’t you think so??? Just agree with me guys.. PLeeaaaase???

Favorite #1: HyunJoong’s teasing
HwangBuin is soooo cute whenever HyunJoong teases her.. forever reminding  her of her angtal.. She can’t even get mad at Sshillang.. Her expression was like “How can I make him forget it???” LOL~!!.. It’s really funny how HJ can tease HB now when when they first started, he cant even talk to her..

Favorite #2: HJ wearing the scarf
HyunJoong actually remembering to wear the scarf during their winter time together was really touching on the part of Buin.. If I were on Buin’s shoes.. I might even get teary eyed.. Ok.. I’m exaggerating again.. sorry.. What I’m saying is Buin might be really touched on HJ’s gesture.. He can really be insensitive at times or most of the times, but at times like this, he can really be adorable.. and you tend to forget all his misdeeds!!! hahaha~~! I think it is part of his charm..

Favorite #3: Buin’s concern for her Sshillang – Flu shots for HJ
You can really see on this scene how HwangBo will be as a wife in real life.. I think it is really innate in her to have a good heart.. She was really sincere with her concern on HyunJoong.. It is already outside of her jurisdiction, HyunJoong travelling abroad and they may already be apart when HJ starts with his drama.. but as a dutiful wife, she already thought of this.. Just like when she prepared the onion soup when HJ overdosed with the sleeping pills.. She really does care!! In her black room interview (c/o Knossos) she said:


He’s going to overseas for drama shoot and where he’s going is a warm place so it’s ok but he is going to be travelling back and forth and the temperature difference would be so big that he’d be more prone to getting the flu.

I didn’t tell him that we were going for the flu shot because he’s prideful and would insist that he’s healthy therefore wouldn’t catch the flu. And he actually has the phopbia of corners and pointy things so I think he’d be afraid of the syringe.


Favorite #4: JoongBo being Playful while measuring their BP
They were just being cute in this scene that’s why it became my favorite.. I love how Sshillang can affect Buin.. From a normal BP of 104/61, Sshillang were able to raise it with mere words to 148/110.. LOL!! HyunJoong was being mean and low.. saying..

you are old hwang buin…..
woooeung wooeung (the aegyo)….
hello you can’t see me at night (coz she’s so dark)….
if we play hide and sick at night you can’t see me….

 though it was just a joke.. But Yah!! HyunJoongshi!! Jokes are half meant you know!! 😛

But they were really having fun!!! Look how Buin laughed!! It’s like there’s no tomorrow when she laughs!! her laugh is really contagious.. one of the many things i also liked about her..

OMO!!! OMO!!! Look at this pic.. Buin!!! look where’s your head at!!!


Favorite #5: How they acted in front of the doctor
They were being childish.. tsk.. tsk.. They were telling the doctor of each other’s mischiefs.. and the poor doctor doesn’t know how to react.. these two are really handful..

Looking at Buin for support..


Favorite #6: HyunJoong thanking HwangBo for the Flu shot
It may have come as a surprise for Buin hearing HJ saying thank you.. But his face was really serious.. I guess he really did appreciate Buin’s concern and taking good care of him.. Wonder why HB was surprised??? was it rare hearing him say thank you??? hmmm..


Favorite #7: Bae Hyun Joon.. LoL~!
Do I have to say something??? This pic says it all!!

Funny how pissed he was at first.. he must not have liked hearing another man’s name coming from Buin.. these jealous streaks of Sshillang are sometime funny.. And how appropriate the SsangChoo Sonata was.. That was really cute!!

Grrrr #1: How could HJ let Buin pay??? This has become a habit for him!!! YAh!!! HyunJoongshi!!! Act like a man!!


Favorite #8: SsangChoo Winter Olympics
Playing and competing in games has been a tradtion for our favorite couple.. I dont know with these two people but they really like competing with each other..

I liked HJ’s answer on why he likes competing with HwangBo In his black room interview.. HyunJoong has always wanted a friend as his girlfriend.. Glad this is how he views Buin..

PD: you seem to really like competing with your wife
HJ: it doesn’t feel like I am competing aginst a woman…but a friend so it’s fun
Pd: are you proud of having someone like that as your wife?
HJ: Well she wont get beat up (?) anywhere so I like it (I guess he meant that she could defend herself)


 HwangBo lost in their first game.. the 100m dash relay.. LOL~~!!!

Their next game was to be the first one to get the Post-It off from each other.. HwangBo won by pulling HyunJoong’s scarf on his neck!!! hahahah~~! The loser on this game shall buy the ramen as their bet..


Favorite #9: JoongBo’s hilarious role playing
It has also been their favorite past time since last episode doing a role playing.. Last episode HwangBo played as Jins and Jins played Buin.. Now, HyunJoong as the considerate mother and HwangBo as the immature daughter.. It was really hilarious.. Buin even teared up from laughing so hard.. HyunJoong can really make her laugh..


Favorite #10: Most favorite of them all..
OMO~~! I dont know what to say with this pic.. What is Hyun Joong thinking??! He shouldn’t have used the box!!! He should have kissed her directly!!! Wish they could just do it already!!! Lots of things are again running in my mind.. different thoughts in different strokes.. hahahaha~~!

I was laughing hard when HJ offered water to Buin only to find out that it was empty!!! Buin threw the bottle on the floor!! LOL!!!


Favorite #11: Buin figure skating in tune of Bogoshipda
HyunJoong should have guessed that Buin was giving a hint that she still hasn’t forgotten his promise of playing the song.. Sshillang can be so dense at times!!!


Favorite #12: JoongBo in Bed
Seeing them together again in one bed really excites me.. Lol~~!


Favorite #13: Sshillang painting diligently Buin’s toe nails
It is endearing to see Sshillang keeping his promise even how tired and sleepy he is.. poor Sshillang.. He must be really tired seeing him not able to keep his eyes open.. but he kept on painting and doing his best.. even though it is not properly done and looked ugly.. It is the thought that counts..


Favorite #14: HyunJoong on JoongBo parting
Hearing HyunJoong’s side on their impending parting..


PD: do you predict the parting?

It’s just a feeling…. we don’t have many days left.
Everytime we see each other we talk about the stress we have and how hard it is on us. We both are very exhausted. I need to do better than what’s expected of me and I also want to do well for myself (the drama) I feel a lot of pressure… while we talk about it I realize that not mandy days are left to spend together.

PD: Do you think your wife also feels bad about the separation?

Yes …I think we feel the same way

With regards to the new couple.. I think MArco is growing on me.. He was really sweet in this past two episodes.. and he really knows how to make a girl’s heart flutter!!! lol.. But there’s this one thing i observed in all his events.. was he trying to show off all his talents??? hahaha~~!!! He danced, sing and act.. He really did showcased himself in this episode.. Hope he doesn’t get anti’s anymore.. and get more projects now that they get to see him all his talents..

It nice to see Ant couple having their own precious time after a long time.. finally, Don don gave them space and did not try to stick himself like a leech to the couple.. Wish they could leave the couple alone and let don don out of the picture.. the PDs should give up with their family concept coz its not working.. tsk tsk!!

I’ll make it up to you guys on next weeks epi.. BTW.. have you seen the preview??? they didn’t show it.. But i believe it is the Jeju episode already.. the episode that i am dreading about.. This will be the last two episodes for our couple.. I’m really gonna miss them.. wahhhhhhhh!!!! i wanna scream and cry !!!!