I know this is somekind of late.. but I’d still like to post it.. for blog purposes..

Recent pictures of the gang from their overseas filming in New Caledonia (It was not in New York.. Sorry Jeanie)..

I don’t know if it is just me.. but HJ is looking kinduh gay-ish to me in here.. LOL~!


Jan Di with Joon Pyo.. I think this is the first time I see them together.. and it’s making me excited already.. I have always been rooting for Lee Min Ho’s character.. and I think I’ll still stick with him this time.. I guess because I don’t want HJ to be with anyone else but with Buin only!! 😛

Wonder how will their love story evolve.. their story was not really given that much attention in the previous versions..  


He’s one goodlooking man.. I think he fits his role as the playboy of F4..


The evil mother of Joon Pyo has been casted and it will be no other else but Lee Hye Young (I’m Sorry, I love You). She’ll play the character of powerful chairman Kang Hee Soo.. the Production is really doing great with regards to the casting of this drama!!! I am now imagining how evil she will be in the drama after seeing her in I’m sorry, I love you!!!


HyunJoong flying to Macau for another HYD filming.. This was last Dec. 1


What sucks most is.. they have now finalized the schedule of airing of Hana Yori Dango.. and the premier will be aired in January 5, 2009 instead of December 22, 2008..


It is said that this is because ‘Worlds Within’ will be extended with 4 episodes.. from a 16-epi drama to 20 episodes..

Now, there will be weeks where we wont be able to see HyunJoong on TV.. that really sucks!!!