‘Ssangchukeopeul’  HwangBo  and Kim HyunJoong bids farewell with tears in MBC’s  ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ 1000th episode Special

It is said that the couple planned to coincide their last 2 episodes with We Got Married’s 1000th episode special which will be broadcasted on December 14.  A member of  WGM’s production conveyed that during the filming of couple’s farewell trip in Jeju Island, they saw HwangBo broke in tears..

Andy – Solbi and Alex – Shinae couple were able to say their farewell to the viewers in the studio. But since the studio recordings were abolished recently, it was then decided that JoongBo’s separation to be filmed in a trip.

It was also said that Kim HyunJoong’s KBS2TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’ has already started its filming which eventually made HyunJoong’s schedule tighter and staying with WGM and film more episodes has become a difficult situation.

At the start of  HwangBo’s marriage to the 4 dimentional junior Kim HyunJoong ,which was first broadcasted in May 11th as the Older and Younger couple, seems to be tough but now has gained wide popularity.


News source: Starnews


It was with a heavy heart while I am writing this particular news..

This news, coming out, means that it is now official that our favorite couple will leave in the middle of this month..

And how exaggerated may it seems, I don’t know how will I cope up with the coming next two weeks..

I don’t know if I will be able to watch these two episodes with a sane mind..

If it hurts for us to see JoongBo leave..

What more will it be to our favorite couple..

I’m sure that they are the ones who are hurt the most..

Seeing that they don’t really want to leave the program..

But, for each other’s sake, more particular for Sshillang’s sake and growth..

They have decided to let go..


I can’t seem to take my hands off from this blog..

For JoongBo’s last two weeks.. I’m making a sacrifice..

Even if my work is piling up now to my neck..

Oh Why do I have to be so melodramatic???