Because I’m a firm believer of JoongBo love.. I’m spreading the word!!! The entire JoongBodom has been celebrating due to this very good news that Chonsa has shared to all of us!!!

After reading this..

Are you one of US?  Do you believe??

Everyone has been asking me what I’ve heard about them, the good news. To be honest, nothing more has happened since the last time I heard, and what I’m posting here is what my source saw.

My source is someone who works for a cable TV Station in Korea as a stylist and there was once (quite recently) she happened to be styling Hwang Bo for an event. Hwang Bo was with her dancers in the room and my source, who is a Triple S fan, saw that she was wearing Hyun Joong’s necklace around her neck.

This pendant was something he designed himself, so it is very distinct. Plus it’s a limited edition necklace, and as far as I know, it was sold out within a week in Japan where it was manufactured. Apparently, he had been wearing it but then he stopped… I don’t know if the one she was wearing was his or not, this I cannot confirm. But she was spotted with that same necklace… And my source is a die hard Triple S fan, and can recognize this pendant a mile away, so I don’t doubt her observations when it comes to this.

Anyways, back to what my source saw. She said that the entire time she was in the dressing room, she was chatting on the phone and while she was doing that, she had a smile on her face and was playing with the pendant. Again, I cannot say who she was chatting to as nobody would be able to tell, but judging from her actions I can only assume one thing. And I leave that assumption to you. One thing that my source noticed was that when she received the call, she smiled and everyone else (her dancers) looked at her and they all had this knowing look on their faces.


After that, when she was about to leave the dressing room, she made sure that she hid her necklace under her clothes before going out. Why? I don’t know… But one can only assume…

Apparently, some other Triple S fans claim to have seen Hwang Bo with this necklace on as well, at a different event. This I am not sure, as I don’t know those fans. I can only rely on my source, whom I trust.

There is a reason why I didn’t want to share this with everyone yet and it is because I cannot confirm this completely. All I can confirm is that this is what was seen and what happened. I’m sure that there will be a lot of doubters and negative comments about this post, so before any of that happens please remember this.

I am a believer and always will be.

 And in this instance, I choose to believe. ^^


Here’s a proof that indeed this is HyunJoong’s necklace.. now we just need an evidence that Buin is wearing it!!

credit to snuffythemonkey of soompi for the pic