I wasn’t expecting that i would be reacting (or overacting???) this way.. I was already crying during JoongBo’s first part.. Even I was thinking, am I overdoing this?? Am I overacting?? Why am I acting like this?? (I’m really a crybaby at times.. tsk.. tsk..)

JoongBo really has an overwhelming effect to its fans and viewers.. I’m sure I’m not the only one in saying this.. 

The entirety of JoongBo’s episode has a sad aroma into it.. even though our couple tried to liven things up and joke around.. You can feel and see that their hearts are hurting and sad deep inside..

They were trying to show in this episode what they were not able to show to each other in the entire time they were married.. I like how they backtracked and did everything all over again what they have done in their first Jeju trip!! even re-enacting some of it..  maybe both of them felt that their first trip was half baked as they were uber awkward during that time.. and now came an opportunity of doing it all over again.. now with the right feelings they can offer and show to each other!!! It’s like their second honeymoon now that they are more comfortable with each other.. but the sad truth to it is that they will be parting after this trip..

In this episode it seems like they are putting an ending to everything that is related to their marriage.. Speaking like everything that they are going to do will be their last time.. putting a period to their relationship.. as a finality!

And it is kindah sad to hear them talk like that!

Their scene at home was short but very meaningful.. It may be brief but you can see the sadness of awaiting an unavoidable predicament.. As Sshillang is painting Buin’s toes.. You can already feel the sadness.. seems like both of them are thinking ‘This will be the last time I/Sshillang will be doing this’..

But can’t help to notice that Buin’s feet is not that pretty.. 😦 Sorry.. Can’t help not to say something about it.. I really have a very bad foot fetish.. and then I realized.. “one’s not really blessed with everything..” hahaha.. lol.. Sorry.. Chungmal Mianhe.. I know I’m mean.. sorry.. 😦

It was really so nice of HwangBo to think of her Sshillang’s health.. She’s really one in a Million!!! HyunJoong really needs a woman like her.. Who would have to thought to cook for him a chicken soup with ginseng and herbs that I don’t think is easy to prepare.. or am i wrong??? is it easy to cook?? But still!!! It is the thought that counts!!! Other woman wouldn’t think of it!!! In their entire marriage, I don’t think HwangBo deprived HyunJoong with delicious and nutritious food.. and a full stomach leads to a clear mind and healthy heart.. Hope Sshillang had all of these to see HwangBo’s beauty!!

And I know.. HyunJoong is really touched.. and tried to help out.. Modern women now a days can’t cook.. and sad to say.. I’m one of them.. I really envy HwangBo.. 😦

OMO!!! Is Buin crying already???

While waiting for the soup.. they decided to play a cards game.. ‘Go Stop’.. I’d say the game has become physical between the two.. as they were really competitive.. even with a cards game.. tsk tsk..

Did you see their hands meet??? hihihi~~!

The winner has to hit the loser in the head.. HyunJoong was being funny again saying that he’ll make Buin a true chakra.. meaning he will hit her really hard.. LOL~~!

Why is it so enjoying to watch these two play games?? While playing, they were teasing and throwing  banters at each other.. HwangBo won first and he really hit hard HyunJoong that it left a mark!! lol!!!

Buin was so happy and ecstatic while HyunJoong was being immature!! Majorly!! He can’t accept that he was defeated!!! Grrrr!! Yah!! HyunJoongah!!! As he was so wrapped up with his immaturity, he can’t wait to get his hands with his revenge!!!  and he really did hit Buin HARD!!!  So hard that Buin was really hurt.. you can even see her veins pumping!! He can really be insensitive when he’s into something!!!

I guess this is how comfortable they are now with each other.. It seems he think he can do anything and thought it would be OK!!

 I don’t know if Buin was only acting as HyunJoong kept saying that he hit her lightly and used only 50% of his strength but HwangBo really got mad.. With her temper, it’s so funny to see how HyunJoong seemed taken aback and don’t know what to do as he got HwangBo really mad!! It was sooooo funny!!! HwangBo was fuming mad while HyunJoong was having that innocent face!!! I was really laughing till my stomach hurts!!!

Indeed.. Buin was reborn to be a true Chakra!!! hahahaha~~~

One line of Buin got my attention while they playing the cards.. She said to HyunJoong (translation c/0 muish)

In your life, It’s unlikely you’ll see me cry..

wonder if she’ll be able to hold her words.. will the PD’s show what was said in the news?? now that’s one thing I will anticipate in their last episode..

The chicken was cooked and they start to eat..

I love their conversation while they were eating!!! Their conversations were really the best!! Even when they were just starting and was uncomfortable with each other, they can have a decent yet hilarious conversations..

During this particular conversation, they were trully like  a husband and wife.. It was so sweet.. and so honest.. Ohhh.. I feel like crying again.. You have to watch it!!! It was so nice to hear their words.. so heartwarming.. Otoke??? I don’t know what to do!!!

HyunJoong talked about his upcoming drama and expressed his worries about it.. How it is hard for him to work as an actor.. It was so refreshing to see Sshillang like this.. Seeing him more trusting and feels like wanting to get support from his wife..  I especially like when he mentioned about his impending kissing scene.. and I like Buin’s reaction.. Seems like Buin doesn’t get jealous that easily.. Maybe because Sshillang didn’t really give Buin a reason to be jealous as he was true to what was stated in his love contract.. 

They are really talking as husband and wife.. HwangBo giving support to his stressed husband.. telling him to lean on her whenever he is stressed and she’ll always be there for him 365 days of the year.. 24 hours of the day.. While HyunJoong telling his wife to take care of herself and eat well while he is away overseas.. They were sooooooo sweet..

Since they wouldn’t be able to see each other more often due to his drama, Buin suggested to go on a trip to where they first began.. Jeju Island.. Seems like Sshillang wants to make up for their honeymoon trip and suggested to enjoy and play hard on this last trip as they were very awkward and uncomfortable at the beginning..

It was really sooo sad while they planning their last trip.. and to aggravate more the situation, It seems like a sign when the mission envelope holder intends to fall.. and during that moment, both were suprised and Buin was like on the verge of crying and putting up a brave front.. I cried when i saw Buin got tears in her eyes but cannot show it.. It seems like it was me who cried for her who cant let go of her tears in front her husband..

How they filmed this scene was so sad.. I can’t contain my sadness for these two.. You can see that they were  like flooded with sadness and were drowning from it..

 On the next day, they now embark to their farewell trip.. To the place where it all began.. where they do and go to the places exactly the same of their first visit but their conversations were different..

HyunJoong’s jealous streaks strikes again when Buin slipped that it is her third time in Jeju Island.. the two visits were with Sshillang while the other one was with another man.. and Sshillang who cannot lose to his wife, joked that it is actually his fourth time in Jeju..

True to what they have planned.. After waiting for HyunJoong for a long time, Sshillang has managed to rent the red convertible they used when they first met.. Funny how they re-enacted their first meeting.. feels like they still remember how they met.. the conversations and their actions were totally different from the first time they rode the car.. they are more like a couple right now.. It was a good concept that they did this trip.. It showed how far they are now in their relationship compared to their first day of marriage.. It showed a big contrast..

Again, it was their conversation that made it different in this trip.. The whole conversation in the car was sooo cute.. Sshillang now acknowledging Buin to be cute.. Opposite of his first impression of Buin.. I particularly liked the part where HyunJoong said ‘We’re now close enough to put spit on each other.. Able to share each other’s saliva’.. hahahah~~ Why am I interpreting it in another way.. this statement has double meaning!!

It was HyunJoong’s mission to treat his wife as a queen to create good memories for her.. As they arrived to the place where they will stay, HyunJoong gallantly opened the car door for her..

My favorite part was when they went horseback riding!!! Since it was edited out in their first episode, they made it special this time.. I was so thrilled when they played again a role playing game wherein HyunJoong talked to the horse hwangBo over the phone.. Funny how Sshillang get jealous to a horse!!! Feels like HyunJoong is confessing his feelings to HwangBo thru the horse.. And what’s more peculiar is how the horse responded to HyunJoong and seems like it is  expressing HyunJoong’s true feelings.. Since he is tooo slow, the horse has decided to do all the talking.. LOL~~!


 It has just been my observation that Our couple can’t seem to express directly what they are feeling  to each other.. It’s like they are giving underlying meaning and hints that one must decode and analyze first (My frustrations coming out!!).. why can’t they just tell directly that ‘I like you!’.. Is it because they are very private people and what they are feeling right now is true?? and it is something that they want to keep out of the public’s eye??? OMO!!

Their scenes by the beach was pretty melancholy too.. knowing that there wouldn’t be a sixth time at the sea together.. Last time, Sshilang was pretty sure that he’ll be able to go with Buin the fifth time, was he able to plan this ahead of time?? Their messages to each other was heartbreaking for me.. Still can’t believe that this will be the last time they will be together..

Buin’s message was simple, yet meaningful.. Can’t really tell him in the face how she feels.. has to be in a song.. It’s so typical JoongBo..  But the song really breaks my heart.. 😦

HyunJoong’s message was sooo sweet.. the ‘Don’t lose me’ part made it for me!!! I would really breakdown if a guy tell that to me.. I’m sure he meant it when he wrote it.. I really liked it.. 🙂

I am still praying, wishing, hoping and believing in the power of korean netizens! I hope they will do something that will bring back JoongBo to us.. they are now our only hope!

Oh I will surely miss them!! I will be really thrilled and in cloud nine if they become a real couple after WGM.. But the thought of not seeing them and how will their relationship blooms and grows under our own very eyes, is what i will trully miss the most.. Just like their conversations.. I will trully miss it.. because that’s what made them unique among the other couples.. HyunJoong and HwangBo can pull us into their world without an effort!!