Hello everyone..

I’m soooo sorry if I disappeared without any word.. really..

For the whole time that i was away, I was only thinking of this blog and my readers..

The days before i have to leave was really toxic that i cannot even say that i’ll be away for my christmas vacation..

And what’s worst was.. there was no internet connection where i came from.. just imagine how remote was that!~!

I’m really really apologetic and sorry if I popped out and left you like that.. 😦


Now.. back to JoongBo..

I haven’t watched yet episode38.. their final episode..

I was sooo sad that i have missed it.. and I might be crying by myself now since i am sooo far behind from anything that has happened in the joongbo world..

The first thing i did since coming back was checking some joongbo updates.. I’m sooo happy that they won the best couple.. they really love our Ssangchu couple..

And during their ‘Get Hot’ performance in the MBC Entertainment Awards, the camera was showing different celebrities that were smiling, enjoying and loving our couple (that they did not do for the first two couples).. even celebrities love our Ssangchu couple..

I know that it is super late but i will still be posting my thoughts for episode38.. after i watched it..

For blog purposes of course..


Though this is very delayed, I want to greet you Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!