Boys Over Flowers got 14.3% rating from the first broadcast.. A blast notice!!

KBS new mini series ‘ Boys Over Flowers’ and the handsome cast of the original comic book gains a hot popularity from their first broadcasting.

According to the ratings research company TNS Media Korea, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ records a nationwide program rating of 14.3%. SBS’s ”Terrior’ got 7.6% while MBC’s ‘East of Eden’ leads with a 28% viewership.

Also today, the total result of another research firm AGB Nielsen Korea is similar. The company records a nationwide rating of 13.7% for ‘Boys Over Flowers’, 7.2% for ‘Terrior and East of Eden got a 27.3% rating.


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Guys this is a good sign!! Let’s just hope that they can surpass this or sustain it..

Sshillang also got good reviews.. From what i have read, his acting was greater than what they are expecting..

I’m sooo proud of our Sshillang.. I’m sure Hwang Buin is also sooo proud of him..

I haven’t watched the episode yet but this article made me more excited than before..

Let us all cross our fingers and hope for the success of this drama..