We must all be wondering how’s HwangBo these days.. What’s keeping her busy since We Got Married??? Well we know how busy HyunJoong is nowadays.. But, how really is HwangBo right now???

Today, January 17, 2009, HwangBo attended the wedding of her ex-chakra bandmate, Lee Kyung Eun.. And as we can see.. She’s soooo Gorgeous as always..

Her beauty really grows on you and like a scent, it will never leave you.. She’ll always be beautiful in my eyes..

 HwangBo together with Lee Min Woo guested on KBS Road Show! Quiz Expedition shown last January 9, 2009. She performed ‘Get Hot’ and I think she sang ‘Mature’ also..

We all heard that HwangBo went to HongKong at the same time that HyunJoong was at Macao filming Boys Over Flowers..  And it was everyone’s wishful thinking that they secretly met in the foreign place.. But it was actually for Buin’s new show that she went to Hongkong to study on how to become a make-up artist under one of  Bobby Brown’s make-up artist..

Here are some of her breathtakingly beautiful pictures while she was in Hongkong..

It was said that HB and the make-up artists from Bobby Brown will do free a make-up for family members before taking their family photo. The wives of those family members are mainly from foreign countries who got married to the South Korean men and had built up their own family in South Korea.

Hmmmm.. Isnt it obvious that Buin was selected because she was once in this situation being a south east asian beauty married to a korean named Kim HyunJoong??? hehehe.. just joking.. Of course it is because of her beauty and knowledge that she was chosen to host this show..

Her show will be televised in the O’live TV channel beginning January 23, 2009.. 10pm Korean time.