I’m sorry.. I don’t know why I am delaying this summary.. Instead,  I watched Boys Over Flowers than watch their last episode.. Am I afraid to witness our favorite couple’s parting??? Hwaaaaaaaaah!!!! I don’t know how will I continue this!!!!

I just finished watching our couple’s farewell episode.. and my eyes still hurts from crying bucket of tears.. hehehe.. I’m exagerating again.. Though what i will be writting maybe a little too late.. I hope you won’t mind.. and while reading this, I hope my thoughts on this episode would bring back those happy memories.. and painful feelings we want bury and forget.. that hurts soo much..

While watching this episode.. I’ve realized that every breakup hurts and is hard for both parties.. may it be artificial or real.. We have all witnessed their married life.. from how they started and where they are now.. And we can see the big difference of the two.. they have progressed really well.. it was so fun watching them.. and it just hurts so much that we cannot see/witness it anymore.. Gosh!!! I want to cry again..

 In their opening scene, HwangBo was sleeping (dead tired asleep) when heaven blessed us as Kim  HyunJoong came out wearing a tux.. looking so f%&kingly handsome!!! OMO.. I was giggling like a hyena!!!

I knew that they will be re-enacting their BBQ scene!!! I have been anticipating it.. and It was one of their funny scenes in their honeymoon episode.. I knew that it was for their BBQ dinner that Sshillang purposely dressed like that.. But I was kindah upset when they didn’t show their BBQ scene..

At first, Buin was wearing an overall black dress.. and then suddendly, just after her black room interview, her dress changed.. which literally means that they skipped and didn’t show their BBQ dinner!!! Grrrrrr!!! I was really pissed!!! I was looking forward to that part and the PD ( who’s not in her or his right mind) again cut a valuable scene and didn’t show it!!!

Just like how they decided to cut their first horseback riding together in jeju, they cut their BBQ dinner this time!!!! Did the PDs know that there was already a pic of HyunJoong grilling in a suit even before the episode was shown??? What again are they thinking??? Again and Again they always disappoint us!!! Even up to their last episode!!!

Sorry for my rant..  Anyways.. While Buin was untangling Sshillang’s hair, I then remembered how buin was hesitant to touch his hair in their first episode.. becuase of HyunJoong’s and ss501’s fans.. but now, they don’t really care.. and as i was watching it, Buin is really having a fun time touching him!!!

When Buin was asking Sshillang for a star.. I was like, whooooow!!! will he really do it??? I mean he doesn’t like these kind of stuff.. and at first, his face was telling like ‘Oh give me a break!!!’.. I was really laughing hard watching HJ whining and not being agreeable with the idea but .. but still.. It was soo cute of Sshillang to give in to buin’s request.. I was sooo thrilled that he was trying to do this for her which I bet, he doesn’t plan to do (in his wildest dreams) to any other girls in his lifetime..

It was so sweet of HyunJoong and at the same time funny to present himself as her star!! Coz  HE is definitely a star in my two rounded eyes!!! and as he camcording the sleeping Buin, It was soooo cute hearing him say ‘With good face without make-up, HwangBo-nim..’ 

It really broke my heart and this is when I started crying when they did a video letter for each other.. even though it’s heart breaking they still tried to do it with a smile.. while watching this part, it seems like my heart is like being squeezed out to the point that I can’t breath (exaggerated again).. they were in a situation where ‘We don’t want to be separated but we have too..’ I don’t know what would i feel if i were in buin’s position.. It just really really breaks my heart..

Shillang’s message was simple and as expected from a kid groom, it  seems childish.. well, it is for me.. I’m sorry if you don’t agree in this.. But HyunJoong was hella CUTE!!!  Sshillang’s message may be simple and childish for me, but it pinched my heart..

Hi, Hwang Buin!
I’m a Star..
If you always look at me and make a wish..
Your wish will always come true..
So, Hwang Buin..
Don’t be sad that I’m not around..
Always look at the stars in the sky and pray..
Then, I’ll come to you in your sleep..
And give this star to Hwang Buin..

I have a different interpretation of his message though.. I don’t know.. I just got CRAZY!!!! lol!! This is the effect of their parting on me!!

WARNING: Do not read this part!! It is full of CRAP!!! hahaha!! Well  I think what Sshillang is trying to say was, in his own 4dimensional way (therefore Buin still has to decode it), he was offering himself to Buin but cannot say it straight to her face.. This is how i understand it.. hehehe..

Hi HwangBuin!
I am your star..
I will always be there for you..
I will always make your wishes come true..
I will give it to you with all my power and might..  
I will give everything to you!!
So, HwangBuin..
Don’t be sad that I’m not around..
Just look at me and call my name..
and your star will come to you..
To be with Buin..

We can see that Hwang Buin was really touched with Sshillang’s gestures.. she was so touched to the point that she got teary eyed.. hehehe.. well i guess she’s not just touched.. but her tears, as she just said, was also because it aches her heart seeing Sshillang doing this all for her..

In Buin’s video message, i can feel her heart.. I was literally howling at this part.. I can feel how she has to let him go that it hurts sooo much.. and I can feel her sincerity..

So he can be a star with freedom..
I let him go..
It’s really really fun..
My life is..
Because of Hubby..

One thing that caught my attention, while they were talking about thier next day’s activity.. This was shown in split seconds.. and I don’t know if you have seen this also or was mentioned in the forums.. as i was not able to visit and backtrack the posts during their parting.. But I got a little bit excited seeing this.. they were holding hands while talking.. I don’t know if they were shaking hands.. but I’d like to believe what I see..

Contrary on what we see in their previous episodes, where we think that it is HwangBo who sleeps on the sofa and HyunJoong takes the bedroom.. I knew that it can never happen!!! I believe that HyunJoong will never allow that.. that is why i was so relieved and pleased to see HwangBo waking up in their hotel’s bedroom.. And knowing HyunJoong, it really took him a lot of effort to wake up early for their mountain hike.. and waking up in a good mood also!!! He was throwing jokes to Buin even waking up early in the morning!!! I’m not an early riser too.. that’s why i am really annoyed and have a bad mood when my sleep is interrupted!!!

Isn’t it cute that they are sharing their breakfast??? I’m sure it’s not because they don’t have any money.. hehehe

Even to their last activity as a married couple, they are still being competitive!!! HyunJoong can be really weird!!! How can he even think that he can climb HallaSan in just 1.5 hours!!! hahahaha!!! I think he didn’t include in his computation the pull of gravity!!! (I’m not making sense either!!! hehehe) But can we really blame the guy??? He’s just being his sweet own self!!! Awhhhh!! Can we really blame him if he wants to achieve this feat for Buin???

Hwwaaaaaaah!! I love ss501’s U R MAN song!!!

But it was so funny when he finally accepted his defeat and just sat in the corner while waiting for Buin..

HallaSan is really beautiful.. now it is one of the places in my wishlist that i want to visit..

Oooooooh! Now the highlight of the episode!!! and my favorite part!!! Is when they did an impression on one of the famous scene of My Sassy Girl movie..

HyunJoong to HwangBo’s future husband: I think he’s saying this to his future self.. just my wishful thinking.. hehe

  1. She hates to be cute, so dont make her act cute..
  2. She’s a good cook, but don’t make her cook too much.. She finds it bothersome..
  3. Don’t lie to her..
  4. Phone her more than twice a day..
  5. Don’t look at anyone else as a woman..
  6. You must never talk about the first love..
  7. Make lots of money so she doesn’t have to work the events..
  8. Diligently deposit paycheck evey month.. When she’s that age (marrying age i guess), she wont be doing her events anymore..
  9. Treat her well.. unconditionally..
  10. Dont come to Jeju Island for the honeymoon though.. She’ll remember me..

Why do i get the feeling that these are the things that he wants to do for Buin.. like not making her cook (after their everland trip), not making her do events (I have watched him say this, i dont know in what episode, that buin is very good with girly stuff such as knitting and cooking, so he wants Buin to have more time at home..) and the deposit everymonth stuff..

I just love how Sshillang looks at Buin in this scene.. It just shows in his eyes..

#10 really got me.. I cried the same time HwangBo started crying.. they are now really part of each other’s life and Jeju Island will always be special to them.. I was so sad hearing it.. I dont know if it is the works of the alcohol but Sshillang was pretty vocal and honest with his feelings that day.. he was being talkative!! and It was so endearing hearing him say his feelings.. He was really cute when he said that Buin must have been sent by heaven.. Who wouldn’t cry hearing that??? Buin is a very accomplished woman.. She was able to change a boy to a Man!!! and I really really envy her!!!

 Now, HwangBo to HyunJoong future wife:

  1. He’s a kid who loves to win.. so please keep losing to him.. But you cant make it obvious that you’re losing to him.. You have to make it seem like you tried really hard but lost.
  2. He can’t wake up well, if you tickle him.. he wakes up well..
  3. He hates mushy things.. so dont expect too much.. Even if he doest express it.. just feel it with your heart..

For the 8 months they were being married, Hearing their messages to their future spouses showed how close they are now..  they get to know each other fully in a level deeper than their other close friends.. and this time they can read each others thoughts and feelings..

Skinships were everywhere in this episode.. they are now so comfortable doing skinships that we dont spazz on it anymore.. hahaha.. during their first few episodes, we get excited and hyper whenever they do skinships.. funny how we have evolved as their fans too.. hahaha.. And for their last skinship.. I think it was appropriate and the right time that they had their first and hope not their last HUG we have seen.. kindly correct me if I’m wrong.. and it was initiated by HyunJoong.. hihi~~!!

What I like in this episode was how they showed what they have gained thru this show.. I think they have becaome a better person as they have influenced each other in a good way.. and this show will be a life long expereince for both of them as they have built a friendship that can last a lifetime.. What they gone thru in this show is not easy as they have to invest their whole being and show their true self.. and they have been sincere and true to their audience ever since they decided to be married in this show.. And I’m sure both of them didn’t expect that they will be this compatible, that they will ending this way..

For the entire episode, why do I get a feeling that our couple is giving us an antidote??? though it is a sad episode, our couple still tries to make us laugh.. I dont know if they are just masking their sadness through laughter.. but I was laughing and crying intermittently like crazy while watching this episode!!!

For the time that I was away.. I was practicing how to go on with my daily life without Joongbo in my circulation.. And it was soooo hard..  I guess I just cannot let go like that.. Why does JoongBo withdrawal have to be so hard??? huhuhu.. 😦

Oh well!!! I was happy for a time being that i have witnessed their marriage.. I just wish that I can have the same marriage.. filled with JoongBo love..

Thanks everyone!! Kamsamhamnida!!!