Production Representative for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ – 100% Satisfied with Kim HyunJoong’s Acting

Production team Group Eight for KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’, representative Song ByungJoon has only praises for SS501 member Kim HyunJoong, who newly turned into an actor.

Representative Song ByungJoon said to Starnews on a recent interview “We are 100% satisfied with Kim HyunJoong’s acting.” Representative Song continued “The first and foremost condition for the casting of ‘Boys over flowers’ is appearance, second is their existing image and character. And then the acting skills, we set our priorities for the casting like that. For the case of Kim HyunJoong, he possesses both good appearance and image.”

He added “Kim HyunJoong’s appearance is close to the original character, and his 4th dimensional image in MBC ‘We Got Married’ is exactly the same as the drama character.”

Representative praises “Frankly speaking, we were worried about his acting. He was unskilled during the first practice session, but he really improved very fast. Despite being his first-time acting through this drama, he is acting well. He has made a lot of efforts in acting. With these, he is praiseworthy.”

Like what representative Song ByungJoon said, Kim HyunJoong has been taking personal acting lessons after being casted for the drama and has devoted himself into acting. The more times Kim HyunJoong does, the more natural his acting is and resulted in good appraisals.

‘Boys over flowers’ has been rated over 20% and is currently being broadcast.



Credits : Starnews + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


I hope upon reading this news everyone who has doubts on his acting shall shut up..

Give the boy a break!!!

He’s working his a*s out!!

That’s why he’s so skinny!!!

I really hope he’s taking these negative comments constructively..

sorry for the rant.. 😦