I have read on HwangBo’s soompi thread that our favorite girl fell down during a game while dancing to the tune of ‘GET HOT’  in the recent episode of Infinity Girls last January 23, 2009..

Everyone’s got surprised and some laughed at the incident as they did not expect HwangBo to cry coz she looks really strong in the outside and knowing Buin, she would just laugh over this little mishap..


But it seems that she was really hurt when after she fell down, as she just lie there not moving and then she stood up and went to the back right away.. then came back wiping the remaining of her tears.. 

She was crying not because of the embarrasment but because it hurts a hell lot!!!

Poor buin.. 😦

I’ll post later if i saw stills from that episode..

Thanks to evelyn168 and thislove for sharing the news!