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Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong discloses the 6 months away from home and the ups and downs during his student life.

SS501 Kim HyunJoong confessed about running away from home when he was in middle school and had 3 near death experience on SBS ‘Yashim man man 2’ broadcasted on 26-Jan.

Counting his near death experience are; being starved to death, being beaten to death, being crushed to death. Firstly about almost being starved to death, Kim HyunJoong said “I was famished and ordered various flour-based meals in a Boonsik (flour-based food, eg noodles, rice, etc) shop to eat, after finishing, I ran off with fritters in my hands.”
Next is the incident of almost being beaten to death by hooligans through a dispute. Kim HyunJoong said “After I ran away from home, my friends ran into some drunk hooligans on the streets and they ran into some disputes and stubbornly started to hit my friends. I wanted to stop the fight so I caught hold firmly onto one of them, and he fell backwards and blackout like that.”

After that, the head of the hooligans tried to find out who did that to his member and Kim HyunJoong faced an extremely dangerous situation. However, due to his friend’s quick wittedness, they reported this to the police and fortunately able to get over this crisis.

The last of Kim HyunJoong’s near death experience is an incident whereby he miraculously woke up from his sleep at a reconstruction site just before the demolishment took place. Kim HyunJoong said “I was sleeping at block 125, and in the morning I was woken up by the noisy construction to find out that all the other blocks besides the one that I was in were demolished.”

Meanwhile on this day’s broadcast, Kim HyunJoong said “Winter holidays is the season for running away from home, but please spend the new year warmly with your parents. Running away from home does not necessary let you accomplish your goal. Do not regret and loosen the accumulated burdens, don’t move around but sit around in the room.” Speaking like a representative for the prevention of runaways, making the others laugh.

Kim HyunJoong acts as Yoon JiHoo in KBS Mon-Tue drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ where he is in a love triangle with Geum Jandi (Goo HyeSun) and Goo JoonPyo (Lee MinHoo). Yoon JiHoo (Original character named Rui) is a character that is the most popular in the original comic and of course, in Japan and Taiwan version drama. Many stars have been eyeing on this character before the cast was confirmed.

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @