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It was close but didn’t happen. It was revealed that Jang Geun Seuk was a prime candidate for the role of Goo Joon Pyo during the initial casting for the roles in KBS Boys Before Flowers, but Lee Min Ho got the role in the end.

Jang Geuk Suk was original casted for Boys Before Flowers

Boys Before Flowers went through a long period of casting and auditions last year before beginning its broadcast on 5th January. Many were concerned over the casting for the popular adapation of the Japanese manga which has millions of readers worldwide and had been made into a drama in Taiwan and Japan over the past few years. But the initial casting stage wasn’t plain sailing.

 According to someone from KBS, Jang Geun Seuk had been a prime candidate for the role of Goo Joon Pyo but he wanted the role of Yoon Ji Ho instead. Group Eight, the production company behind Boys Before Flowers expressed that SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong had already been pre-selected for the role already. And this explains why there was a long delay in confirming Kim Hyun Joong for Boys Before Flowers even though there were rumors then.


Thus, a competition started brewing between Jang Geuk Seuk and Kim Hyun Joong for the role of Yoon Ji Ho. At the same time, fans of Kim Hyun Joong started leaving messages for Group Eight, expressing that Hyun Joong was most definitely able to portray the character and also sent in photos of Hyun Joong which resembled Yoon Ji Ho a lot to strengthen their case.

In the end, Jang Geun Seuk gave up on the role automatically after failing to get a definite response from Group Eight and took on Beethoven Virus.


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I believe the production did the right decision.. KHJ is definitely more Rui-like to me than anyone else.. He’s the most damn good-looking Rui I have ever seen..

Kim HyunJoong is destined to play this role.. 

And that’s just the way it is..