February 2009


Episode 17 (w/ Eng Captions)

Ep18 & translations inside..


Still fresh from the oven HOT pics of F3 and Kim HyunJoong in the 45th Baeksang Awards..

PIC SPAM and drool everyone!!!! Sshillang is so HOT!!!


to drool for pix inside! 😀

090226 Happy Together Gifs
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^HJie…always be like this…

^Trying to play Happy Birthday.

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KBS 2TV “Happy Together Season 3′, with the help of the cast of the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, had high ratings.

Aired last February 26, ‘Happy Together’ guested the cast of the best drama currently being aired in the city ‘Boys Over Flowers’ namely Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon and Gu Hye Sun. They also had Kim Kyu Jong of SS501.


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This is cute!!! Wish this was real and not just a fanPic..


Our favorite couple’s in a day’s work!!! How did their day went by…

  • HyunJoong guesting on Happy Together Season 3..


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#Kim HyunJoong ran away from home during 3rd year middle school and 1st year high school for music. <Photo provided by DSP Entertainment>

Being a member of school band ‘AXERS’ during middle school, Kim HyunJoong promoted to high school and prepared to be an entertainer. He was chosen to be a trainee when he was in year 1 and started the systematic training.

Even though he wanted to keep everything as a secret from his parents, but because the entertainment company requires the permission from the parents for underage trainees, he had no choice but to let his parents know. His mother mdm JungYeonMi recalled “I was working while the manager called in. He asked for the permission for HyunJoong to become a trainee but I told him ‘no’ immediately. I warned him not instigate these kids.”


This article is funny.. It shows the relationship of HyunJoong to F3..


In a telephone interview on KBS Cool FM Hong Jin Kyung’s Entertainment Open Space yesterday afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong was asked to express his thoughts in a humorous manner towards his co-stars in Boys Before Flowers and he duly obliged with his answers.


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