Hyun Joong revealed that there was a female celebrity that he liked at first sight while he was filming X-Man.

During the recording of Ya Shim Man Man that there was a female celebrity that he had laid his eyes on and liked during the filming of X-Man and that after the recording, he thought of her on his way home, even when he was about to sleep.

He revealed on the show that he is someone who puts love above friendship, and that if the girl really was someone he liked, he would go full force ahead even if it was his friend’s girlfriend. He also surprisingly disclosed that he had stolen his friend’s girlfriend before.

The program will air on the 2nd of February at 11.10 p.m. Korean time.

P/S: He also revealed on Section TV that his first kiss was when he was in Junior High.

*Credits: Empas News*
via allseoul’dout.blogspot



hmmmm.. Wonder who’s that girl is???

Will they disclose the girl’s name on the show???

Sometimes I hate this kind of teaser..

they just show this.. just to attract televiewers..

I hope it is Buin!!!

Pretty pretty please please *** praying & begging**