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Ep 10 Preview 7′- Boy over Flowers Drama
video credit: daum, dc and translate thanks for blue_angel of soompi
Scene 1
JH drops off JD home on his motorcycle. JD gets off smiling.

JH: Will you tell me if anything happens?
JD: Is something supposed to happen?
JH: Hopefully nothing will happen, but..
JD: I doubt anything will happen. It’s not like JP and I are serious… Well, drive safely.

JD is about to go in…

JH: Geum Jan Di!
JD: I told you don’t worry…

(JH points to the helmet still on JD’s head, and JD takes it off… )

JD: I was about to take it off.

(JD gives JH his helmet back and turns around looking embarrassed. JH smiles as he looks at JD go inside her home. He looks at his motorcycles and realizes that JD left a shopping bag on the motorcycle)

Scene 2
JP’s mom is looking at JD’s profile, with her secretary next to her.

JP’s mom is asking her secretary how that kind of girl entered Shinhwa School and the secretary reminds her that it was her order. She shouts why he didn’t tell her earlier, and he says that he thought JP was just bullying her around.
Right then JP angrily walks in…

JP: Don’t mess with her..
JP’s mom: What?
JP: I said don’t mess with her…
JP’s mom: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you talking about that girl we saw at the event/festival? (angrily) Do you think your mom is that free to bother with a girl like that?
JP: Then that’s fine…

(JP leaves the room. JP’s mom angrily looks at the photos of JP and JD on her desk. She orders the secretary to put to action what was planned.)

Scene 3
At JH’s house. JH’s pouring tea and JP’s looking out the window.

JP : Ji Hoo, why am I so anxious? I feel like something might happen to her… What I’m most anxious is when she’s in danger, I might not even know of it.
JH: (walks next to JP) Don’t worry. Jandi’s not weak. You know that well, right? And don’t be afraid. We got your back.

(The two boys smile while looking at each other)

Scene 4
YJ’s gallery/workplace. (That place where GE and YJ had tea the first time they met)

GE is waiting for YJ in front, holding a bag. YJ walks in with two women, laughing.

YJ: Ga-eul-yang (1), what brings you here?
GE: That is… I… just…
Woman 1: Ah, she must have came to give Yi Jeong-shi (2) chocolate.
YJ: Ah, was today Valentine’s Day?
Woman 2: (looking at GE) The girl’s nose is red. She must have been waiting a long time…
YJ: Ga Eul-yang, sit down and have a cup of tea before you leave.
GE: No, I’m fine.
Woman 1: Oh, don’t be like that. Come in..

(She drags GE in.. The table has piles of chocolates; the sight of it makes Ga-eul sad.)

YJ (after taking a look at her expression): Ga-eul-yang, you can leave yours on the table as well.
GE (hurt): I’ll take my leave first. (She leaves hurriedly in a flustered manner.)

YJ follows after GE, excusing himself to the two women. He grabs her.

GE: Let go of me. (3)
YJ: This is why those nice unnis (4) were annoyed. Ga-eul-yang, listen to me carefully. Acting is just that: acting. Don’t misunderstand.

GE starts tearing up. YJ takes the chocolate from GE’s hands.

YJ: I’ll hold on to this until you meet your soulmate. Thanks~

(YJ laughs as he walks back in to his gallery, and Ga-eul returns with a sad expression on her face.)

credit: soompi forums
translator: blue angel 1004